Humans of NewYork - A Great photography project by Brandon

In every photo, there is always a story behind it. And how you could put those story in a single photographs, to me that is the most beautiful and hardest thing in photography. And I think Brandon, did really a good job. After 3 years working in trading business, he lost his job. So he decided to move to NewYork and to photograph NewYorkers, talked with them and sharing story with them. And it did become a great success. Here are some of my favorites quotes of those people “My town in Colombia is very beautiful. I don’t travel because I want to leave my home. I travel because I need to know why I’m staying.” - First photo. “People see my buttons and think I’m a radical, but I just stand for peace! Except North Korea. We should handle them.” - 2nd photo. “What’s your favorite thing about your dad?” “He lets me beat him up and doesn’t cry.” - 3rd photo “What’s your favorite thing about him?” “No matter what, he makes the best of it.” “What’s your favorite thing about her?” “Her sense of adventure.” - 4th photo “I want to draw cartoons.” - 5th photo. “She saved my life.” - 6th photo. “Just sittin’ here contemplatin’ how I’m gonna get home.” - 7th photo. “What’s the most romantic thing he’s ever done?” “Oh God, he’s hopeless. During our first year of marriage, he celebrated our anniversary every single month.” 8th photo “What’s the best day you’ve ever spent together?” “Probably that day on the Ponts des Arts.” “What’d you do?” “Just held hands.” - 9th photo

"For a loser now, will be later to win" - called me Tapsa, it is my Finnish name, but I am a Vietnamese guy, who are living in Seoul at the moment. Follow me on Instagram @tapsamai
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