Renaming My Cat

Okay so, when I first got him I started calling him "Lay" but after a few months we've ran into problems since my dogs name is "Lady" and since he's still young enough to be renamed were going to rename him But the thing is my dad wants me to rename him something "normal" since I tried suggesting we call him something like "Sunggyu" "Baekhyun" and Lay's real name "Yixing" I suggest "Vernon" but he's just going to end up calling him Vern and I really don't want that. So, therefore I'm turning to you guys, I wanna name him after a kpop idol and I wanna see what you guys can come up with. I won't be naming him Yoongi because my friend already named her cat Yoongi. @PrincessUnicorn@MalihaAhmed@QueenLele@MayraYanez@TiffanyBibian@BreeMassey@JessicaFigueroa@jjrockstar@DanaMichelle@HayleyEastman@TLeahEdwards@kpopandkimchi@HalimaOsman@minimanim3@justcallmekyki@DekaraMiller@Mightmuffin@igotswag@AlittleJoy@heidichiesa@MyaIsNotSexy@AshleyAndino@OliviaZenger@AuraKyoshiro@DeyaniraEstrada@ReynadeKpop@Starbell808@rmchapa15@cue2pal@ladygdragon@MiKim000@Konnor@CreeTheOtaku@Roxy1903@IGot7Forever@SugaOnTop@KatMejia@KennedyMoser@KarenGuerra93@nekochanjessica@GeetanjaliRao@EliseB@KellyOConnor@Vixxstarlight1@EmilyPeacock@sarahdarwish@Ercurrent@SashaLove@Moose1998@juliavip@bbyitskatie@sarahdarwish@Elena166@BelencitaGarcia@megancurrent9@AshleyAndino@Katherina2078@JasmineGregory@Princess2328@terenailyn@KpopQueen1@maddiedo@LaynicornLay@NydiaEdwards@koinii@maddiedo@21francoamberco@loljan17@XergaB20@ShellyVargas@TingTingShi@21francoamberco@anarose@yaya12@NEOisRealo@Yongsongmi@Jinnyrod3

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