Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend Part Four: The Past Should Stay in the Past

Summary: Nanami may be little, but she is far from fragile. She is witty, sassy, and dangerous. She runs her own group of criminals and has been known to love anything and everything shiny, but she will not pay for any of it. She is a thief, and a good one at that. When some of her boys get captured by the police she has to make up her mind to either cancel the heist or find replacements. Just in time, her new neighbors move in and capture her attention with their raw talent. She decides the heist will continue, but how to get the boys to join? Blackmail of course.

Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.

All Parts of this story are here ~~>Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

The fist made contact with the soft flesh of her cheek. It was forceful enough to send her stumbling back a few paces. She wanted to cry but she knew she didn’t have time for that. Her attacker wasn’t going to wait for her to stop crying. The man in front of her raised his fists and came at her again. She wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to defend herself. With the last bit of strength she had left she lifted her hands into a defensive position and kicked out as the man ran at her. She might not have done much damage but it was enough for her to stop him in his tracks and a loud voice to yell out “Stop! That’s enough for now.”

Nanami hit the floor breathing heavily. She didn’t have to see it to know that her face was bruised and swollen. This is how it had been since she had left the orphanage. Levi and she had left the orphanage with the intent to make it on their own, but they hadn’t been out long before they were trapped again. If she had never stolen that particular car they would never have ended up in his grasp.

The sound of boots making their way across the concrete floor made her flinch involuntarily. “You are doing better I suppose.” A large hand reached out and grabbed her by the chin forcing her to look up. “Five minutes then you are going for another round.”

Afraid to do anything else she nodded her head and tried to push herself back onto her feet.


She stumbled back to her room and tried to hide her face as Levi ran up to her. “Nanami!” The little girl ran up to her and wrapped her hands around Nanami’s waist.

Forcing a smile and putting the pain in her rib cage in the back of her mind, Nanami looked at Levi. “How was training today?”

Levi went on a rant about how she learned how to hack into computer systems and camera feeds. Nanami couldn’t have been more pleased that she had demanded Levi learn tech instead of join her in the ring. Levi was small and Nanami feared she would have been injured too easily, so she had made a deal with ‘that man’. Of course she had ended up taking on more than she had originally planned, but keeping Levi safe was her top priority.

Nanami walked over to her bed and pulled a crumpled piece of paper out from under her pillow and handed it to Levi. “Happy Birthday Levi.”

Levi squealed and grabbed the paper quickly opening it up. It wasn’t much but she knew Nanami would never forget her birthday. Today she was turning 10 Nanami was two years older than her, and if she remembered right, then they had been stuck here for nearly two years already. “Nanami? Do you think we will always be here?”

Nanami shook her head and smiled. “No Levi, I promise I will get us out of here soon, and we won’t ever have to see him again when we get out.” She smiled again and ruffled Levi’s hair.

Little had they known they wouldn’t be making their escape for another six years.


Present Time

Levi stood in the door way watching the rise and fall of Nanami’s chest. She was always one to put herself in harm’s way for someone else, she had done it almost their entire childhood for Levi herself. She sighed as she looked at the sleeping form of Jungkook. They hadn’t gotten much out of him other than it was all his fault and he should have taken the hit instead of her. He was so lost in his own grief they couldn’t even get him to tell them who had done that to her. He would only respond it was no different than if he would have held the blade himself. The moment Levi had finished sowing up Nanami’s wound he had sat by her holding her hand. He wouldn’t move and refused to sleep at first, but the exhaustion from whatever those two had encountered hand finally caught up to him.

Jin was also uncharacteristically hanging around the room on and off. He would only leave to get water, bandages, or another wet cloth for Nanami’s head. Levi noted that the boys had all been rather somber and would occasionally pop their heads in to check on the two. She just wished that Nanami would wake up and tell her what happened.

Was he there again? Did they need to run again? If it was him were the boys in trouble now that he knew about them? She sighed and walked to the living room calling the boys to meet her there.

“I don’t know what happened, but I can only assume that whatever it was, it wasn’t good. You guys need to be careful. No going anywhere alone or at all after dark.” The boys didn’t even argue and just nodded their heads.

“Is she going to be ok?” Levi looked over at the sad and fear filled eyes of Taehyung. He seemed to know better than anyone that if something bad did happen to Nanami, then Jungkook would not be able to handle it well. She admired his love for his friend and smiled at him.

“She will be fine. I can only assume that she lost a lot of blood and used a lot of energy. I would guess she will be up tomorrow, so we should all get some sleep too.” She nodded and the boys slowly started to nestle into the makeshift sleeping boarders in the girl’s living room. None of them had wanted to leave in case Nanami woke up or Jungkook came to his senses.

Jin walked back to the room and sat in a chair in the corner. His gaze turned out the window next to him. “You going to stay in here?” Levi asked him quietly.

He nodded his head and turned to face her. “I feel somewhat responsible for what happened. From what I am getting Jungkook got into some trouble and she had to save him. I should have paid more attention to what he was doing. I was too wrapped up in trying to fight Nanami to realize my own was in distress.” He sighed and shook his head. “I have a long way to go it seems.”

Levi chuckled. “Nanami has a way of getting people to pay attention to her no matter what. She likes to take the attention off those around her, but at the same time she has the eyes of a hawk and knows what is going on with everyone.” A slightly sad smile tugged at her lips. “She did the same thing for me when we were younger. She probably doesn’t even realize that I noticed it.”

“How long have you known each other?” Jin asked as Levi sat in the chair across from him.

“For as long as I can remember. We were in the same orphanage.” She smiled thoughtfully. “She used to stick up for me back then too. We ended up in a bad home and she decided we would run away, we did, for a short while anyway. In the end we ended up in an even worse home than we had left.” She bit her lip. “She got us out of there too, but by the time we were able to leave I think she had taken more than she should have. She has always been one to stick up for those weaker and younger than her. It’s not Jungkook’s fault she was stabbed and she will yell at him for thinking so when she wakes up. She would have taken that blade for any one of us. That is just how she is.”

“How did you learn to be thieves?” Jin’s curiosity had been peaked. From what Levi was saying Nanami didn’t seem like the kind to openly take up being a thief.

“From that second house we got trapped in. A man named Ricky basically beat it into her head how to fight and pick locks and the like. I was better off and learned the technical side from someone else. I honestly think she had something to do with that too. Her skills seem amazing now, but how she got them is a nightmare neither of us want to relive. She is upbeat and happy but she will never forget those years.” She looked at Jin and nodded. “We still steal because we don’t have a choice. Ricky is still after us, well Nanami particularly. So we can’t just settle down and buy a house and have an honest career, not to mention neither of us went to school. We are just street smart, and putting ‘Ex Thief’ on employee history and a skill set of lock picking, network hacking, and fighting wont exactly get us jobs.”

Levi and Jin laughed. He turned and looked at the sleeping face on Nanami. She had been through so much but you wouldn’t be able to tell by just looking at her. He was amazed in what these two girls had gone through. Maybe he had been a little hard on her, but he had started to pick up on the fact she was trying to teach them in round about ways. She got them to think things through, and how to deal with difficult situations so when they entered the entertainment industry they wouldn’t be as lost with all the business savvy people. Maybe she wasn’t as bad as he had thought.


The next day they all tried to appease Jungkook. He had yet to leave her side and refused to even eat. She hadn’t woken up by noon and even though Levi told him that Nanami was fine he wasn’t going to believe anyone until her eyes opened. Jin had tried to explain that she would not be happy if she woke up and he had made himself side because of her. It didn’t really work out though. He was still sucked into his own despair. So they all gave up and hoped that Nanami would wake up and give the maknae a good scolding soon.

“She is awake!” Taehyung came running into the room a bright smile crossing his face. It was around 3PM and they were all sitting around talking in the living room. Jin was the first to jump up and run into the back room.

When they all made it into the back room she was sitting up and greeted them all with a bright smile. “Well hello to you all too.”

“Nanami! What the hell!” Levi scowled at her.

Nanami pouted out her lip and blinked innocently at Levi. “What? Not like I planned this to happen you know.” She smiled softly and patted Jungkook’s head. He sat silently his head bowed tears falling silently down his cheeks, and her hand still held tightly in his own. “Yah, I am fine. You don’t have to cry you know?” She gave him a look of pity.

“It’s my fault you were hurt. I’m sorry Noona I didn’t mean to. I was stupid, it was stupid I should have never.” His tears only increased as he apologized and she pulled her hand away gently and pulled his face up so he would face her.

“Yah! Kookie. I told you you could cry when we got out of there but I never said you could cry over something that wasn’t your fault. You made a bad decision and things got a little rough but it was fixable. Plus,” She held out her hands and smiled cheekily. “I am all better, Levi fixed me up all better.” He moved in and hugged her apologizing again.

Nanami smiled sweetly and laughed as she patted his head.


After Nanami was able to calm Kookie down and talk him into going with Taehyung and Jimin to go get food she turned to Levi. “It was Adam.”

Levi’s eyes grew wide and she looked at Nanami like she had bumped her head. “Adam? Like the Adam we had arrested a few months back?”

Nanami nodded and looked around the room trying to avoid looking at Levi. “He works for Ricky.” She paused and looked down at her hands as she played with the blanket over her. “I don’t know if he is here yet but he knows we are in Korea so we can’t stay long.”

Levi nodded and noticed the slightly horrified look on Jin’s face. Nanami noticing his reaction raised an eyebrow and looked at Levi. “I kind of told him about Ricky.”

“Ah” Nanami nodded and sighed. “Well looks like we will need to do this job quickly and get out of here.” She smirked and moved like she was going to get out of the bed.

“Yah! You can’t get up yet.” Namjoon stopped her pulling the covers back over her.

She playfully glared at him but shook her head. “We have to move. The sooner we get away from you guys the safer you will be, and if Adam knew to target Kookie then he knows we live here.”

“We should all get ready to move.” Everyone turned to look at Jin. “He knows who we are if he targeted Jungkook and we need to get away as well. Where are you planning to go?”

Nanami shrugged. “We have a warehouse. We will stay there until the job is over then we will be on our way out of the country.”

Jin nodded and turned to the remaining boys. “Go pack up. We are going to play house in a warehouse for a little while. I will start searching for a new house for later.” The boys nodded and went off to start packing. Jin walked over and stopped in front of Nanami. “What do you need help with?”

Nanami looked at him curiously and moved to get out of the bed again. When he tried to stop her she lifted an eyebrow at him and laughed. “I am not going to break you know. If you are that worried about my health then you can help me pack my things.” Nanami heard Levi let out a soft snort as she left the room to pack her own things.

“Okay, but you have to take it easy.” He held out his hand and helped her from the bed.

“Awe my hero.” She smirked and ran a finger along his jaw and lips before giggling at his pink face and going to get her suitcase.

Well that is it for today's episode. Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Nanami's and Levi's pasts.

As always thank you for reading. Might be a few days before I update again because of my busy schedule but wont be too long. Let me know if you want to join or leave the Tag List. Thanxies!

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