The New Purge Trailer Is Terrifying

"Think of all the good the Purge does."

Talk about terrifying. If you've been living under a rock, you're probably unfamiliar with the concept of "The Purge". It depicts an alternative America where one night every year, all crime is legal including murder. In the newest Purge addition, it shows a senator promoting the United States to end the purge. Many people within the government go after her because she is ending the one thing they support. In the trailer you see how The Purge has become a religiously affiliated event with people viewing killings as sacrifice. There is always a power struggle between the rich and the poor which has been touched on in each of the Purge movies.

It all depicts a world where the rich kill off the poor because it's entertaining, it's a newfound sport, and people feel they need an outlet to release their pent up angers and inner evils. Personally I think it would be a horrible idea to have a purge and I think it would create more anarchy than people would expect. Though I don't think "The Purge" could ever become real, it's bizarre how realistic it is. There's so many reasons why justifying killing is wrong and the movies are scary in the fact that some writer out there came up with it.

What are your views on "The Purge"?

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