Akame binge over, time for 7 deadly sins binge!!

Well finished my AKAME ga kill binge. So now time to start THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS binge!! Plus it's another one to add to my manga buying lost. Don't think I will be staying up all night for this one tho. Already did 3 binges over the weekend so gonna get some rest and rewatch and binge the seven deadly sins after rest and all my HW and any make up work :/After this anime I think it's time to pick up an anime I haven't yet watched so I can keep my list going since I'm stuck on 7200 episodes watched over the last 14 months, def need all these new 2016 releases to hurry up so I can add more greats to my list. Ahh so much time spent watching anime. Haha about time I took a few hours out of my day after work and school to hit the gym and then can feel greater so I can truly know I've earned my anime time much much more!! If any of my NAKAMA have any suggestions for new anime please I'm all ears!! As always, anime is life. My NAKAMA! Plus I got about 20+ more manga this last week along with all the rest I need to catch up on as well as keeping up with my manga art work. Ahh why can't school just finally be over and it be summer so I can graduate and just focus on work, working out, eating and most importantly ANIME!! Haha. Keep anime and manga alive forever and never let your dreams die, the bonds you forge and lessons learned from anime will never stop growing. Stay proud and be the best NAKAMA you can!! Your all the best NAKAMA ever. P.S. Sorry for my long rant NAKAMA, haha.

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