Super Sunday: Valentine's Day!

Happy Super Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day all!

I hope your all going out with that special someone today; for those (like myself) who don't have that "special someone" I hope you have fun watching anime and eating your heart shaped box of chocolate by yourself (as will I).

Regardless if you have a date or not tonight you can answer the Super Sunday Question! Hurray! it's a fun one today, one that all of us has thought about!

What Anime character do you want as your Valentine?

going off of@tbell2 February Feels and Ships daily events: check out her card here! We all fantasied about taking our favorite anime hotty out on a date. Dinner and a movie orr maybe even a romantic sword battle, now doesn't that sound nice.

Maybe Demons are your taste such as Rias Gremory or Sebastian Michaelis. Maybe sword wielding maniacs are your type like Erza Scarlet or Roronoa Zoro. Perhaps you like the cool quiet type like Saeko Busujima or Lelouch Lamperouge. Maybe you want the to be held by one of the members of the Host Clud (Haruhi included).

Whatever your taste is there's someone for everyone (especially in the anime world).

So go on and pick there's a whole ocean out there. As for me, you ask?

Akeno Himejima

The every so Sexy Half Devil from Highschool DXD!

The super suave, super sexy S&M lover that gives all the guys nose bleeds. Of course my tun ons is my business but I'll say her S&M love could work in my favor. She seems to love dorky guys with stupid hair cuts as well just for being noble and brave so that seems to work out for me as well. I could go with the Devil princess Rias Gremory who is also very plot heavy but Akeno has all that I'm looking for. Rias is nice and might be better girlfriend material but for a Valentine's date that hopefully leads to more Akeno's wild side is what I desire.

Akeno is that naughty girl with a tragic past that I want to wrap my arms around and make feel better and hopefully a little more *wink*

Kiss, Kiss, Fall in love!

Tell me Nakama, who do you want as your Valentine?

Make a card or let me know in the comments. Of course don't forget to tag the mod team!

check it out here!

Check it out here!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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