If BTS Were Coffee

Because, why not!?

Jin - Strawberry Latte with Extra Whip Cream

Basically, if the drink is picture-perfect for Instagram, that's Jin. He's overly sweet, looks great in pink, and

V - Green Tea Latte

Have a little green for our lovely alien! He's sweet, a little wonky, and definitely adorable!

Bonus - if you've never heard of a Military Latte look it up! It's green tea, white chocolate, and espresso!

Jimin - Caramel Macchiato

Sweet and sassy Jimin. You have the sweet off-stage Jimin and the caffeinated caramel overdose that is the Ji-booty. Extra caramel sauce pls!

Rap Mon - Espresso

Yep, that's Rap Mon. Straight caffeine. With two cubes of sugar.

Jungkook - Iced Mocha

Sure our Golden Maknae is super sweet like chocolate, but he also has that kick so sassy espresso in him.

Suga - Hand Drip

You know when you drink too much hand drip on an empty stomach and you get all shaky and your heart beats really fast? Yeah, that's Suga.

J-Hope - Lemonade

Do I even need to explain?! LOL!

If you have any suggestions for 'If ___ Were ___" let me know!

Who would you order? LOL!

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