How to style a tutus aka Tulle skirt

I've been waiting for this: an excuse to wear a tutu. Since becoming a grown-up, it's been looking pretty bleak. You just don't walk around dressed like a ballerina, at least not if you want to be taken seriously. But I think the tutu may be having a moment this year!

Here are some tips how to style your tutus.

1st look

Style your tutus with either a plain tee or a bold statement graphic tee. A tee and a tutus is the easiest, comfortable yet stylish combination. You can end the look by pair it with a pair of sneakers, heels or boots.

2nd look

I know some of you might still experience cold weather rn. I think tutu skirt can go very well with a sweater. Sweater and tulle skirt not only able to keep you warm but also create an elegant look!

3rd look

Play with the layers.

Im always love to play around with my outfits by layering them. For me I will wear a all- button down denim shirt with my tulle skirt, then i will pair a cardigan which is in the same tone with my tutus. This will create an edgy look !

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Thats all for today. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Do leave a comment if you like ^^ xoxo

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