Deadpool X HyunA?

4Minute member, Kim HyunA and anti-hero Deadpool starred in "We Got Married" for High Cut Vol. 166. The unconventional couple had a special Valentine's Day picture for the February issue. The photoshoot was created to promote the upcoming movie Deadpool (2016), starring Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller. The film is about a mercenary that gains super healing abilities and becomes a rebellious superhero.

The magazine uploaded the pictorial with the introduction: Could it be that superhero Deadpool from Marvel and national star HyunA have fallen in love? Let's see their virtual marriage scenario. According to the magazine, HyunA was chosen to participate in the photoshoot because of her "unique stage presence." Deadpool is known as a larger-than-life character with an unstoppable sense of humor, so the editor wanted a star that wouldn't be out shined by the Marvel favorite.

Deadpool will be released on Feb. 18 in South Korea.

But can I just say that this is a great idea to promote a upcoming movie. Bravo.

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