The Truth!


To those who guessed number 1 from my One Lie Two Truths card, congrats. You know me pretty well. ^^ I'm actually an intellectual drunk. Maybe even philosophical... I am a sci-fi geek through and through. The force is strong with this one. My kids are 13 and 14. Tagging: @VixenViVi@RihannaTiaMay@Vlargo@thePinkPrincess@Mercii@kpopandkimchi@moonchild03@EmilyGardner@Krin@BreeHubler@sugalessjams@reyestiny93@BapMokja@ElleHolley@SarangRavi@Torchix@TerraToyaSi@CreeTheOtaku@Poojas@SugaOnTop@MadAndrea@VKookie47@PrincessUnicorn

Mom of two and happily married to an Anime, Kdrama, and KPOP fan. I'm a bit random and a closet perv and addicted to commenting with reaction pics. Twitter @Mandy_Noona
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