Why My Vingle Fam is My Valentine

Other than the fact that you guys are my family and ILY:

1. You guys always make me smile

Seriously, you're all so funny in your cards and comments and I just really, really appreciate you for it. No matter how bad a day I'm having, I know I can come here and you guys will brighten up my day :D

2. We're always there for each other

I've seen so many cards about people being sick or having hardships in their lives and there are always so many comments of Vinglers being supportive. You guys listen and care and you make me feel really loved!

3. There's no such things as fan wars

We all love different groups and even if we have the Battle of the Bias or the VKMAs or other "showdowns" there is never an instance where I have seen people fighting on Vingle. No one is mean! How is that possible on the internet!?!! LOL!

4. You're all SO FUNNY

I know I already said you guys make me smile but SERIOUSLY you guys make me laugh out loud DAILY cause of the ridiculous things you guys say or do. You're fantastic people srsly hahahaha

5. You're CUTE TOO

Remember that random phase when we all posted selfies? Yeah, y'all are a cute bunch :3

6. You make my day significantly less boring, you let me talk about kpop without judgement, and you're just really spectacular people.

I love you Vingle Fam!

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