SS301 [PAIN MV]!

guyssss so if you are a triple s and has been waiting for the moment... ITS FINALLY HERE! SS301 just posted their mv for their song 'pain' a few minutes ago! And earlier today they also did a live broadcast on the v app! so if you haven't watched yet then...GO GO GO!

You can watch videos on V.

broadcasts on the v app!


The mv! yasssss I'm so happy! Let's show these amazing boys our support by liking and commenting on their mv! I can't wait to download this song! The choreography, the rhythm, the men! Is all amazing! haha SS301, FIGHTING AND TRIPLE S, SARANGHAE

💚 SS501/301 & Big Bang 👑 ❤ BTS? currently trying to survive from those 7 dorks KHJ•KKJ | T.O.P Jin? Namjoon? Jungkook? V? J-Hope? Jimin? Suga?╥.╥
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