The Boy Next Door Part 6

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Next Morning, You wake up to see it was just you laying in the bed, You ask yourself,

"Where's Jungkook?" You get up quietly and peak around the corner and you see Jungkook looking straight in front of him, But you don't know what because the wall was blocking it. You just listen what he was saying, You hear Jungkook say something but it doesn't come out right.

Obviously, There was another guy in the room because you hear a deep like voice speaking words. You try to listen but you think Jungkook saw you because he said,

"Good Morning Cutie, Come here."

You walk towards him slowly as he stands up and hugs you. You look at the guy hoping that it was the same guy you talked to the other day. But you came to conclusion that it wasn't, It was some other guy, A good looking guy. You couldn't tell if he was one of Jungkook's Hyungs or Dongsaengs.

Jungkook introduces the both of you,

"(Y/N), This is my Hyung, Park Jimin." He clears his throat, " Hyung, This is my lovely girlfriend, (Y/N)."

"Nice to meet you, (Y/N)." Jimin says as he puts out his hand, You shake his as you say,

"Nice to meet you too, Jimin." He holds onto your hand as he shakes it.

You blush as he lets go of your hand, But you can tell that Jungkook was a little jealous because he says,

"Why don't you get ready for the house party? I'll be here waiting, Take your time."

You smile as he kisses your cheek. You go into your room and look through your closet, But you don't know what to wear.

After like 10 minutes of looking, You chose to wear to a black and white flannel, black jeans, black boots, A snapback with the words, "DOPE" and a few accessories.

You walk out of your bedroom and see Jungkook and Jimin in awe,

"You look great Cutie." Jungkook compliments. "Wait, Hold on, Let me change."

Jungkook runs into the bedroom as you stand there in awkwardness with your arms crossed into each other. You look up at Jimin who was smiling at you, You felt yourself turning red because he told you,

"You do look great, Jungkookie is one lucky boy."

He pats your shoulder before Jungkook walks out with a similar look. You giggle as he smiles,

"You Like? I Like." (TOP ^-^ I had too)

You laugh as you ask him, "Why are you similar clothes like mine?"

"Because...I want us to look cute." He says as his voice gets higher, Making his voice crack.

Jimin laughs his ass off as he says, "Our Jungkookie is still going through puberty?"

You laugh besides Jimin as Jungkook back hugs you shyly. He peck kisses your neck as his eyes were closed. He lets go of you but still holds onto your hand as he opens the door.

He motions Jimin to walk out of the door, You follow as Jungkook shuts the door behind him. You all walk besides each other as you head over to a place, But you didn't know where.

" Where are we going Oppa?" You ask him cutely.

" Were going to Jin Hyung's house."

You smiled as you felt his thumb rubs the mid part of your thumb. You blush as he looks at you sexily. You turn away and see Jimin smiling awkwardly,

"I'm sorry to admit it but your the 3rd wheel here Hyung." Jungkook jokingly says. Jimin smiles and shyly laughs as he looks down, You felt comfortable around him, Even though you had just barely met the guy, You were the monkey in the middle. Jungkook wraps his arm around your shoulder as his hand pushes Jimin. He laughs as his cheeks puff up, Making him look like Dooly >.<

You laugh as you pinch his left cheek, Making him blush. He rubs his cheek as he pokes your side, Making you reflex. You see Jungkook turn to a gate, Opens it and grabs your hand as you walk towards the house. You stand there as Jimin knocks on the door.

The door open slowly as you see people, drinks, food, a TV and huge speakers.

"Hey! Good to see you again!" Someone yells out loud. You awkwardly walk in beside Jungkook as he side hugs everyone. You look at everyone as Jungkook says,

"Hey Everyone, This is my beautiful girlfriend, (Y/N)."

You nervously wave to everyone as you smile shyly. You immediately look at Jin. You see that he smiles at you the most out of everyone else. You look around the room to see other people smiling, Especially the guy in front of you.

You see the guy walking towards you as he says, "Hey (Y/N), Nice to meet you, My name is Kim Taehyung, But you can call me V."

He shakes your hand as you smile at him, "Nice to meet you, V, and Taehyung is a pretty name by the way." You complimented him nicely, Making him blush.

You smile as everyone introduces themselves. You liked everyone, Everyone was nice and caring. But you still stood beside Jungkook the whole time because your more of an introvert ( I'm a introvert so sorry if your an extorvert or a ambivert >.<).

As Jungkook walks over to his friends, You see Taehyung walking towards you,

"Hey (Y/N), Having fun?" He asks you shyly.

You frown as you tell him, "Yeah, I guess." He looks up at you with a serious expression.

"Something wrong? Are you okay?" He asks you as his hand touches your shoulder.

" I'm fine, But thanks for your concern, That's sweet of you."

He blushes as he looks down and rubs the back part of his neck. You smile as you look away. You turn to him to see him looking at you.

"Hey...Ummm, I hope you don't mind me asking, But, How did you even meet Jungkook? He's shy around girls."

You smile as you explain to V, "Well, He had moved into a house not far from mine, He was greeting everyone until he met me, I showed him around town and what school I attend too. He happened to go to the same school and one day, I was being bullied and he stood up for me and had comforted me, He was my only friend. He stood by me. One day out of the blue, He asked me to go on a date with him and I accepted it and that night, He asked to me if I wanted to be his cutie and I said yes."

He looks at you in awe, squeling, "Awwww!!!! That's so cute, Sounds like a K-Drama to me!!! How long have you guys been dating??"

"About 4 months now." You told him. V blushes as his hands cover his bright pink cheeks, "Do you have a girlfriend, Taehyung?" You asked him concerningly.

He frowns, "Unfortunately, No. But that's alright. Life is to short for comittment."

You giggle as you look at Jungkook, He does not look happy. Your smile dies down slowly as you look down. You know he's coming towards you, He has his arm touching your neck and shoulders.

He kisses your cheek as he holds your hand, He whispers into your seductively,

"Trying to make me jealous? That's sexy."

You grin at him as he rests his chin on your left shoulder. You felt like all eyes were on you too because you hear,


"I'm Jealous!"

" He's lucky."

"I'm shocked he could even get a girlfriend."

You turn around at all the boys as you smile widely, Making it look like your Korean. You felt Jungkook starting to wrap his arm around your waist without moving his head.

You lightly push him away from you as you turn towards his direction. He puts his hands on your hips as you wrap your arms around his shoulders, Lacing your fingers together around his neck.

"What is this? Prom?" Namjoon jokingly asks. You giggle as you look at everyone.

"Hey, Since Taehyung is a lovey dovey kind of guy, Try to look a couple from a K-Drama" Yoongi says as his voice became deeper.

You smile as Jungkook looks into your eyes, You grab his face and have his forehead touch yours. He kisses the tip of your nose as you run your fingers through his soft hair. You blush as you look down, Avoiding eye contact. He raises your chin up as he looks at his Hyungs who were fanboying (Basically fangirling) over the 2 of you, Yoongi was recording all of it, Hoseok and Jimin were holding onto each other in excitement, V was biting his nails as he stares at you. As for Jin and Namjoon, Well, They just stand there in dissapointment.

"Your recording?" Jungkook asks.

"Yeah I am, What are you gonna do about it?" Yoongi says with a light smirk.

Jungkook looks around the room, thinking, until he grabs your face and kisses you.

Your hands touch both sides of his torso as he rubs his leg against yours. You thought to yourself, "What am I doing? Does his hyungs hate me? Or do they find me weird? Why does V seem the happiest to meet me? And what in the hell is Yoongi recording this? Is he gonna post it? Or send them to Jungkook?

He pulls you back as he smiles. You felt your face burning as he walks away from you. You go and sit on the couch in the corner as everyone else is talking or eating. You take out your phone to see a text,

"Hey Cutie, Come over here by me. I want you to eat."

You walk over to see that there are no seats. You see everyone trying to make room but Jungkook says,

"It's okay everyone, She can just sit on my lap."

You blush as he motions you to come over. You walked over slowly as his hyungs smile awkwardly, trying not to burst into laughter. You sat on his lap but you get up immedaitely as you complain,

"I'm afraid I'm gonna crush you." He laughs as he spins you and sits you down. You felt his arms wrap around your waist line. He feeds you like a baby as you smile. You felt happy but uncomfortable.

You thought to yourself, "Doesn't anyone feel awkward? Or is that just me? What is this? Is it fattening? It tastes delicious, What are the other guys thinking? Am I making a good impression?

But you were interupted by Jin asking you, "Do you want more? Because I can make more if you want."

"Ah No thanks Oppa, But thanks for asking."

You get up to wash your hands properly, You felt someone standing behind you as their hands touch yours underneath the warm water. You look over your shoulder to see that it was Jungkook. You exhaled in relief thinking that it was someone else.

"Missed Me?" He asks you flirtingly.


"Your too cute, I love you." He kisses your cheek as you look down shyly. You look at him as you tell him, "I love you too."

I just love this part of the story, It's so cute yet really cheesy. I hoped you enjoyed it!!!! Sorry if this part was short.

My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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