Alright N, get your adorable self in here.

Thank you for waking up so we can do this.

We need facts and cute pics, can you do that? Okay. Lets begin.

Our lovely N is the leader, a dancer, and one of the vocalists of VIXX, isn't that right?

Real name: Cha Hakyeon

Birthday: June 30th, 1990

Height: 180 cm (5'10)

How am I doing so far N? Good? No? Hmm.. Lets add some more shall we?


He is called the “skilled performer” of the group.

Fans say that he looks very similar to Boyfriend’s Jeongmin.

Before he debuted, he was featured in Brian Joo’s “Let This Die” music video as well as Seo In Guk’s “Shake it up” music video.

He was also a backup dancer for Brian Joo’s live performances of “Let This Die”.

He was in a musical called “Kwanghwamun Love Song”.

He says his ideal type is someone kind and wise, like Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

He said that if he were a girl, he’d date fellow VIXX member Ravi because of Ravi’s innocence.

He has a younger brother and older sister.

N likes to drink banana milk, and because of him there is a lot of banana milk in their fridge.

He took a year off from high school to practice dancing in Japan.

One of his favorite authors is Bernard Werber. His favorite book of his is “Us, Gods“.

He prefers manly hairstyles (assuming he means shorter hair?).

When he sleeps, he sleeps in a t-shirt and workout clothes.

When he was still a trainee, he kept a diary of all his achievements, struggles, hardships, and dreams. The diary is his most valued possession.

Favorite Foods: All types of meat with a major emphasis on Galbi.

Favorite Artists: BIG BANG, SMAP, Beyonce, and David Archuleta.

Favorite Pastries: Ice cream and Jagariko

Favorite Colors: Red and Black

Favorite Hobbies: Dancing and performing. He also likes directing stages.

Is that good? Great!!! I'm glad you think I'm doing well leader!!

Hakyeeeooonnnn you keep trying to wreck my bias list... Please stop


Leader oppa, Lets give the lovely fans a treat

I love these videos so much

His blindfold dance is amazing and I love the whole video of him being an abusive leader because we love him for it aha. Thank you leader N oppa for joining us and letting me share your facts! We love you leader oppppaaaa!!!:)

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