Exodus (Exo Fanfic Part 1 Chapter 1)

Chapter one~ Xiumin

~Berlin 1990~

I set the basket down that held my oldest son under a light post. Small white light snow flakes were falling down as I lifted the blanket to see my baby cubby cheeks that belong to my son. Looking into my eyes, he started crying. "Shh, my little Minseokie. It will be okay, I promise. You will find a happy family here and will learn that you are one special person. Don't worry, I will protect you and your siblings from the bad guys." I said as I laid a kiss on his forehead. By this time he was chewing on his fingers and looking up at me. "I love you Minseok, my little Xiumin." I laid him back in the basket, placing the blanket back over him. I made sure the blanket was tucked in tightly. I placed the letters for him and his new family on him and put the snowflake necklace around his neck. I stood up and ran to the nearest ally as I saw a middle age couple walking by but stopped when they saw in the basket. ~No person~ The man looked around to see who had dropped the child under the lightpost. The lady took the baby out of the basket after handing her husband the letter. The husband opened the letter. To the new parents of my child. I have written this letter to tell you that I will no longer be around to take care of him. Please take care of my dear oldest son. He has two younger brothers that are his twins. If he would like to find them when he is older, the necklace will help him and protect him from all evil. His name is Minseok but please call him Xiumin. Thank you. The husband looked at his wife and nod to her as he was say that they were taking baby Xiumin home with them to start their new life as a family together.

A/n: first chapter done. Let me know what you guys think. This is my first Exo fanfic ^_^

Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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