♥EXOluXion#2 Concert in LA♥

Alright girls! yes i went to the concert lets start of on how my day started!

1. best pasta ever! i recommend it !

2.best mall ever see it for your self!

3. baught some goodies! and its smells so good!

4. found sehun and lay at the mall wandering in a store kekeke~

5. i finally got my EXO light stick!

Heading to the Concert Venue!

i was so excited and so happy about it !! to be honest my legs were shaking! at first it was confusing the numbering and all that but after that we got to the lane we supposed to be at. i had an awesome experience at the beginning, why? well me and my best friend met some awesome kpoppers!! we were laughing talking about who's are bias sharing awesome things about exo showing us the posters they baught, asking us where we baught out lightsticks and soo.. to be honest they even helped me put in the ribbon on my lightstick so it wont fall from my wrist! i was so thankfull for her! and most of all having the chance of meeting kpoppers just like us! in fact two of them stayed by our side at the concert! keke~

Getting inside the concert venue! gaaaah!!!!♥

so i edited the videos yesterday it was so stressful because we had too many videos!

SHOUT OUT TO MY BAE! @justsaiyanmaria

she helped me with the videos & pictures too thanks to her this card wouldn't be awesome!!!

first of all we both met awesome kpoppers as i mentioned earlier we also went to korean stores and i complimented other people of their sweaters and shirts! to be honest i was so close to the stage i was almost crying.. i was so happy !

there was wayy to many security, people fainting it was too hot! but it was all for the oppas.! i lasted!!! guys i did it i feel so proud of myself!!!!

im writing this and i still feel the excitement to be honest! GAAAHH!

so the lights dimmed we all knew it was about to start there was this awesome intro first ! it was so beautiful! they all looked so handsome and showing their skills like always (;

then everything blacked out and rays of blue lights lighted the whole stadium some awesome chorus on the background and then it looked like two huge doors where opening! we where screaming "EXO EXO"and boom lights turned on and you could see them there standing and lights camara action!!!


so eventually the concert started and all the fans where going crazy

first song was overdose second was playboy now i thought us LA fans wouldn't be like Vancouver but sadly it was all the girls from the back started pushing and a chaos was everywhere i was so embarrassed for EXO to be honest as their second concert here..

you could totally see Chanyeol pissed like for the first time i saw his pissed face ..

and it wasn't a nice one Baek and i think it was Chen were plain serious like not even a smile not even a wave nothing .. so they talked and they said to move back please because if we didn't move they wouldn't like for us to be hurt, that meant their hearts will get hurt as well. Fans didn't listen they kept pushing. So what they did was to go all the way to the back where they started off and ignored us (the people from the pit) for about 2 to 3 songs no waving no singing too us only to the top part of the stadium. and if they looked or glanced at us it was with a serious face, i was sad ... eventually at the first hour of the concert people got tired eventually some got out some people got hurt and just got out.. of that mess.

so here i thought it was cute because Suho said since we didn't spend time with you guys on Christmas we are going to be singing two songs for you guys! it was so adorable all the fans melt away... Chanyeol doing the usual ! keke~ being happy like always. so they no longer ignored us because there was no more pushing. channie bear was happy i was happy and everyone was happy! kai melt me away to be honest with his hip thrusts and arms tho like his smile winks and all that smirks JESUUSS!!!

i also have to mention this .. it's kind of embarrassing, but who care ill say it!!!

(oppa saranghe)

i did it and yes! they heard me and they all freaking smirked!!!! i was like OMG I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW THEY KNOW I LOVE THEM.

after that everyone started copying me keke~ just kidding keke~

i had so much fun they had us jumping and screaming like crazy people!

i had the awesomest day ever! and chanyeol being freaking adorable trying to talk english just gahhh!!! i cant stand my bias!!! gahhh!! and then cute little D.O keke~

(the adrenaline tho...)

then youll see the party side of xiumin jammin the hell out lmao!

and chanyeol bringing his rapping skills to a whole new level ♥

we where part of the White sea! i loved it !!!


and as you can see all the people were singing their hearts out to every song!

and yes i saw kai crying ..

but after everything we all left happy and they did too! ♥\

i hope you guys liked it!!!!

heres some pictures of our baes♥



i hope the link works! heres video of a minute long


^ growl^

lets hope they work!!! crossed fingers they do work!


^Love Me Right^

(why? why is their sweat so perfect like wth!, if i sweat i look like all nasty they look so attractive ;c! D.O'S vocals tho <3!)

shout out to my BESTIE!!!

♥ @justsaiyanmaria ♥

she was my date on Valentines Day!! i love you Nana! thank you for everything, and being able to stay with me through all these years weve been through ups and downs but we are strong! Saranghe!♥

yes two fans gave Chanyeol roses and yes he grabbed them and put them on his arms and smelled them he teased the two fan girls! being cute and all

confetti yes imagine looking at that in slow motion that will never erase from my mind..

i still feel like its a dream.. but its not i cried two times too many feels. I've been a fan of them since they were rookies so ! i finally had the time and money to see them.

it was an awesome experience i recommend it to everyone!

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