Grammys Hilarious Response To Cocky Kanye

Meet the most self absorbed celebrity in America.

Actually, he agrees. Kanye West is truly one of a kind. Kanye is notorious for comparing himself to God or his recent declaration of being this generation's Walt Disney. This week Kanye has claimed that he's $53M in personal debt which is why he is reaching out to Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg for some funds. He's dropped his new album with major publicity from his extremely famous wife, Kim Kardashian West. He believes he is a starving artist who wants to bring "dope" things to the world but he just doesn't have the money to improve his craft while supporting his family.

If you haven't been following his continuous twitter rant, you really should grab some popcorn.

Kanye loving Kanye

So naturally, the Grammys had the most perfect response possible...

Point 1 for The Grammys.


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