Womanizer pt.2

(HIS POV)~ *ding ding* Fifth period ended as I made my way through the cafeteria. "Yoongi!!!" I turned at the girl calling me. "hi yoongi! may I walk with you?" "sure." As I walked in the cafeteria. i sat down and before I know it. I'm surrounded by girls screaming. "YOONGI MARY ME!" "YOONGI HAVE MY KIDS!" "YOONGI! (ETC.)" the feeling of girls around me is like being in heaven. but there's this one girl who doesn't go all over me. I forgot her name. but I think I have like 3 or 4 classes with her. I looked at her eating her lunch emotionlesly. I heard some rumors about her. they said that she wears long sleeves alot because she cuts herself . that she's an emo person. and that she killed someone. from my point of view, I didn't think the rumors were true. ~*lunch break ends* *6th pd.* ~ "im so bored!" I thought to myself. In 6th period I sit in the way back with two girls between me. on my left side, a girl named Kimberly sat across from me. "Damn she is so hot." I thought to myself looking at her legs crossed with each other, her lips puckering making them look bigger... I turned to my right side and saw that girl again. her hair in a low ponytail, her bangs in front of her eyes not being able to see them, wears plain and long sleeves shirts n skinny jeans, the way she sits is sloppy. it's like she doesn't care what others think. She gave me a bit of curiosity. I finally turned foward and saw the teacher staring at me. "Are you done staring at other girs yoongi?" she asked. "no not really, I'm still looking." I said back. "Go to the office." I stood up and left the class. ~*a few minutes past*~ "Dammit!" I said kicking my locker. "I can't belive I got a write up. now I have to clean the guys bathroom!" Still kicking my locker I heard an unfumiliar voice. "umm excuse me, please don't kick my locker." I turned and saw that girl again. I looked back and noticed that I was kicking her locker instead of mines. "oh I'm sorry." I apologized. "it's okay. " She opened her locker and placed her books inside. "Im Yoongi, you can call me suga." I said reaching my hand out. "she's pretty up close... "I might as well have fun with her too." I thought. "Im (Y/N), nice to meet you." she said shaking her hand with mines. she still has an emotionless face. I heard footsteps coming toward us. I peeked around the corner and saw a friend of mine. "crap!" I thought. without thinking I took (Y/N) with me. I saw a door slightly open. I shoved her inside forced myself in and closed the door. "whew". I turned to look at (Y/N) and saw her face so close to mine. she turned her face around and apologized. "sorry for dragging you here, I wasn't thinking. it's cause I owe that person money." "it's ok. I understand." she said. I looked around and I noticed that we were in the janitors closet. it was really small. as I tried to open the door, the handle broke. I freaked out bad, I started to breathe hard and I looked around trying to find an exit but there weren't any. ~*YOUR POV*~ I looked at yoongi freaking out. I had to do something to make him calm down. I didn't know what to do so I pushed him on the floor making him sit criss-cross, I wrapped my arms around his neck and made his head lean on my shoulder. His breathing started to ease down. "haa finally. " I thought. as I started backing up he quickly hugged me tighter. "umm yoongi?" "shh, lemme smell you." he said. I didn't cared so i just kinda let him. after a few minutes, he let me go and grabed my hand. he picked up my sleeve and stared at it. "I knew it, you don't cut yourself, but your skin is so beautiful and soft." he said stroking my arm. He removed my bang out of my eyes and said "you have beautiful eyes." "umm yoongi we need to find a way to get out of here." "alright then." he stood up and helped me get up. "Do you have a Bobby pen?" he said. I took one out from my hair and gave it to him. he put in the Bobby pen in and started to fiddle with it. *CLICK* Yoongi pushed the door open and we finally got out. "let's pretend that never happened. " I said. ~*AFTER SCHOOL*~ I went outside ready to go walking and i saw Yoongi leaning on a wall. "oh hey (Y/N)! can I drive you home?" "umm sure." ~*AT YOUR APARTMENT*~ "Thank you very much." I said.Once he left, I went running towards my room and shoved a pillow against my face. ~*NEXT DAY*~ (HIS POV) I went inside my first period class. I sat down and saw (Y/N) sitting in front of me. I got closer to her and blew on her ear. I though she was gunna jump up and squeek but nothing really happened. she just turned around and said "stop that." ~*YOUR POV*~ "Stop that." I said and turned around. "omo! my heart is beating really fast." I thought. A few minutes past and a note landed on my desk. I grabed it and opened it. it said. "(Y/N) meet me on the roof top during lunch." I sighed and agreed to go there sense I have nothing else to do. *LUNCH TIME*~ I went on the roof and saw Yoongi staring at the sky with a serious expression. "Im here. " you said plainly. "great I need to ask you something" he said as he stood up. I walked up to him and said why. "..." there was a bit of silence. "will you be my girlfriend? " he asked with a smile on his face.

omo! literally almost every fangirl wants to hear him say that to them.. if this story is kinda sucky I'm really sorry::(>.<):: so what do you think she should say? (comment) tagging mah people!:@PriyaBala@staceyholley@ManaiaPio@priscy513@lhiranthom13@terenailyn@Swarrior16@MomoChamie@Jojojordy2324@bambamisbae@Gaehwa@Eliortiz13@MelissaGarza@UnnieCakesAli@xtishamaex@tinathellama@HalimaOsman@AhiramRobledo@DonnaLykaRoxas@ninjamidori@Beckah1327@QueenLele@megannmathews @MrsJungHoseok@vipgirl5@naydelinrm@Jinnyrod3

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