Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue

I am hoping that you might learn something new about this song right now. I used to think that the lyrics were written about a girl that the singer used to spend time with on a street called Ocean Ave, but I read something recently which clarified that the lyrics are not about a girl at all, but about the street.

To the singer, Ocean Ave was a place where he was free, where he was safe, where he was happy, and the song is reflecting back on that time in this life when he could simply go sit on a street and feel better, but now he has lost that feeling. This song almost sounds as though he is begging to feel safe and happy again. He wants to find the comfort Ocean Ave once brought him. I understand this.

I go snowboarding in Mammoth a couple times a year, and that is my happy place. The people that I am surrounded with at school and at home aren't there, and I am free to fly and to be daring, or to just sit halfway down a mountain and look at how beautiful the world actually is, but when I go home everything turns to crap again. I, like the singer of Yellowcard, wish that I had a way to feel that euphoria more than just a couple times a year.

Music keeps the blood pumping through my viens. Love your comments on my cards 🖤 Message me if you have requests 🤘🏼 RIP Chester Bennington
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