Suzy and Song Joong Ki are voted as ideal date partners

Today's the 'Coming of Age' day in Korea, in which 93-liners officially turn into adults ^^ In celebration, a survey asks students born in 1993 which celebrity they would like to go on a date with. Coming in first place is Suzy (41%) voted by male students and Song Joong Ki (26.8%) by female students! This is not surprising at all to me because Koreans ADORE these two (and I do, too!). Others popular female celebrities are 4minute's Hyun Ah (19%), SNSD Yoona (13.2%) and Lee Yeon Hee (11.7%). For male celebrities, Kim Soo Hyun (25.9%), Lee Seung Gi (16.4%), the Jo Jong Suk (13.1%), Jo In Sung (10.6%). What about you? Who would you like to go on a date with?

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