Hobi?" You yelled when you got into the apartment you and jhope shared together. You knew he was there due to the ridiculous amount of dishes there were, shaking you head you walked to your room. Only stopping when something on the couch caught your eye. It was.. A fort of pillows and blankets. As you got closer you could hear little giggles and soft sounds of music playing. Slowly removing the flap that divided you and the sounds of the fort, you couldn't believe what you saw. Jhope in a purple onesie, taking the silliest pictures. After a few minutes, you couldn't help but burst out laughing. With a scarlet face he turned to look at you. "Y/n, you weren't suppose to be home until 6!" He cried out, his face turning a little redder. "Hobi, that was so cute!" Turning back around, he shoved his head into a pillow. Muffled talk was the only think you could hear "babe, you know I can't hear you." you said crawling inside the fort. Without lifting his head, he kept talking but you still couldn't hear him correctly. Thinking of a plan, you got on top of him getting ready to tickle him when suddenly he turned, making you the bottom. "I said, you've been having a rough few days at work. I though if surprised you, you'd feel better." You couldn't help but kiss him, pulling back smiling. "That was really sweet of you, thank you." Getting off of you, he had you sit Indian style. "Here, I got you one so we can match!" He handed you a green onesie with a big smile on his face. Looking back at the wonderful boy setting up the movie, you couldn't help but to think 'how did I get so lucky?' I'm sorry it took forever! They gave me more hours at work and I go college four days out of the week but here it is. I also got kinda stumped but I hope you like it! @StefaniTre@NasiaWright@ChelseaGarcia@AlexisRiver@MomoChamie@Kpossible4250@kelseyblair@Staceyholley@Alyessiazavala @bubblekookie@SindyHernandez@KarlythePanda66@SharayahTodd@ScarletMermaid@drummergirl691

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