Hideo Kojima Met w/ Norman Reedus and I'm All Giddy Inside

As we all know, Hideo Kojima started his own game company and has been making the rounds and meeting all the interesting people in Hollywood and video games. And according to Twitter, he hasn't stopped at all. He's recently met with Norman Reedus (famously known for his role on The Walking Dead) to inform him about Kojima Productions.

There's something really awesome about these two meeting. Mostly because Norman Reedus was involved in the unfortunately cancelled Silent Hills project. So this might mean Kojima, Del Toro, and Reedus will work together again to make something amazing.

It doesn't have to be Silent Hills necessarily, although, I'm sure there are tons of fanboys who would love a retread of the same old shit. But I think a lot of people would appreciate something brand new whether or not its horror-related. I'm extremely excited because it might mean something cool is in the future.

I don't even care what they decide to make 'cause I know I'll be interested in it either way. It's all of this collaboration that's happening between film and video games that gets me all excited and I don't think there's anyone better than Kojima to helm these projects.

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