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Im a shoes freak , I've knew it since i was in high school. I've collected numbers of shoes but most of the shoes I have been collected are sneakers and running shoes. My current favourite pair of running shoes are from Nike. But, today I will be sharing some non- sneakers or running shoes that I've currently purchased and totally in love with.

1. I just got this last two weeks from Charles and Keith ! Im not the type of girl who love flats or heels or even pointed as im afraid that it will not comfortable to wear in. However, this pair totally knock off my previous thoughts. It is so comfortable and elegant to style with. FYI I even got the second pair which is in pink / champaign last weekend.

Buy at Here

2. Okaaaay, this is so not me huh but I got to admit I bought this because it kinda reminds me of Valentino studded heels. Besides, I love it as it is in one my fav colour, nude. So nice to pair with, I've been wearing this a lot. It goes very well even with a denim jeans.

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3. This is a slipper I got last month as well. It is hard to find a decent pair of slippers. I got one pair of slippers which I have been rocking for the last whole year. They are from Flippers, but they are quite worn out so i gt this. I like the way they added the Buckle stripe so it looks like a sandal more than just a pair of slippers.

Buy at here

Thats all for today,

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Have a lovely day ahead.

Share with me your current favourite pair of shoes as well ^^

i have huge passion in fashion, arts and music.
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