Healthy Recipes -Salmon with Kale, Radicchio, and Pomegranate Seeds(Lunch)

Crumble 3 oz. leftover salmon from Confetti Lentils with Sockeye Salmon into flakes (Look for previous recipe that I posted) ; toss with 4 cups mixed radicchio and slivered kale and up to 1½ Tbsp. Sherry Vinaigrette. Top with 2-3 Tbsp. pomegranate seeds. You can substitute spinach or arugula or a good dark salad mix for the radicchio-kale mixture, and replace the pomegranate seeds with ¼ cup orange or tangerine segments. If you don't have leftover salmon, swap in water-packed canned albacore tuna or 1-2 oz. smoked salmon.

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