How to Choose Part 13

This time stepping off the plane you knew where you were headed, what to expect, how to maneuver through the crowds. Same as last time, a small rumble can be heard ahead, alerting you to one idol or a group making their way to gates. You smile and shake your head, thinking back to the first idol you saw here when you landed. You still don’t know who it was or where he was headed and those feelings are now converted over to whoever is caught in the human crush you now hear.

Stepping out the doors to the waiting cars is so vastly different that you take a moment to take a breath and enjoy the sun beating down. Eyes closed, face upturned, you scream and jump when someone grabs you by the arm. Your eyes fly open in alarm and then they roll as you shake your head at a laughing Ken.

“You’ve been gone that long?” he asks and gives you a hug. He takes your bags and you follow him down to the company car. Unless there is an event, this luxury will be over when you reach your new apartment. Jimin has promised to come over and go over the public transportation with you and actually take you on the ride you will have to do each day.

You reach the car and the front door opens, Jimin steps out to greet you. All smiles she wraps you in a tight hug and bounces. Well, some things haven’t changed you laugh. On the other hand, some things have, as you glance between Ken and Jimin. Little touches, happy faces, conversation rapidly flowing between them. You smile thankful that these two have found each other and seem happy, now to work on getting that look on your own face.

As Ken starts the car heading to your new place, Jimin turns to face you. “I was given a request,” she starts, “from one of the guys in Bangtan.” That catches your attention and you raise a curious eyebrow.


“No,” she smiles, “it shocked me actually, it’s from Min Yoongi.”

That stops your heart. Why would Suga have a request for you? Did something happen to one of the guys that you hadn’t heard about?

Jimin sees your face and reacts, “No, no the guys are okay, I asked that for you. He said he really needs to talk to you but can’t due to language, he wants me to interpret.”

“Does he know I’m back?”

“I don’t think so, it sounded more like him wanting me to Skype you.”


You take in a breath, nodding acceptance. What a cruel twist of fate that would be for you to come back and find out one of them is hurt. Your mind runs through scenarios, good and bad as you stare out the window, not really seeing the scenery flying past. As if you conjured them up just from thought your phone goes off, playing a now familiar rap.

“Jagi ….. sigh this is much harder than I thought. I just ..”

Namjoon. He is what Min Yoongi wants to talk to you about, it makes sense. He isn’t one to watch a friend hurt without trying to help make it better. You look up to find Jimin looking back with a question. “How soon can you get me in touch with Suga?” She looks from your phone back to your face, nods and turns to find the contact number she was given.

This is the first sign either have given you since you left. They’ve been so busy, you figured that just like food and sleep, you had been pushed to the back. You know they are having intense schedules, getting to either of them before the company event in two days just isn’t going to be possible.

Before you can reply, your Line app goes off.

“Ugh so long, miss your smile.”

You look at your phone, 11 am, “Jimin, do you know where the group is today? Can we find out really quick?”

“Sure,” she replies as she calls a friend in another department. “They said unless something changed they are in the practice rooms all day. Why?”

“How hard is it to send lunch over?”

A smile lights up her face, “Easier than you think,” she says as she goes back to her trusty phone and calls for lunch to be delivered to the group. You hand her your credit card for payment just as Ken pulls up to your new apartment.

“I need to send a couple of messages first, just a minute,” you tell Ken as he starts to get out of the car. He nods and simply relaxes back into his seat.

First to Tae, “Agreed, your smile is the best.”

To Jimin you ask, “Did you find the number for Yoongi?”

She nods, “What do you want to say?”

“Tell him, to meet you tomorrow morning whenever he can get a minute…. And, tell him to make sure they eat.”

She nods and quickly starts typing, making sure to tell Yoongi that lunch is on the way for all of them and to make sure everyone eats their fill.

She turns back to you, “Done. What else?” she asks as you get out of the car looking up at building. Turning back to her you shake your head, “That should be it for right now, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

You follow Ken inside, looking around at your new home. You take a deep breath and text, “Hold on Oppa, just a few more days.”


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