I'm with you

Chapter 8


You're shocked by the sudden kiss from Key but then quickly your body relaxes and you melt into his kiss. His lips are so soft and sweet pressed against yours all you can think about is you don't want him to stop. Key breaks away and looks at your expression noticing that your eyes are still closed and your lips still puckering up for more. Key smiles at the reaction you give, as your eyes slowly open you see his beautiful smile.

"Come here Y/N" Key takes your hand and leads you into the bedroom. Once inside he pulls you close staring into your eyes. All you can think about is how beautiful they are that you can drown in them. He has so much power over you, you become weak at the littlest of touches, sounds, and looks he gives you, no one else has ever made you feel this hot this needy for his touch.

Key takes your leg and lifts it up while pushing himself closer to you, moving his face closer licking his lips and biting them, you gulp in anticipation. Key gives his sexy little smirk he knows that he has you, he loves how every little touch he gives you and your body responds. You see the passion and lust in his eyes, while Key sees the need and desire to be taken in your eyes.

Key starts to unbutton your shirt and takes his hands moving them towards your back to unclasp your bra. As he starts to unclasp your bra his face is inches from yours and you're watching his mouth, as he bites his lip and then licks them. After getting your bra unclasped he pulls the straps down, your bra falls to the floor, and Key then takes his hands and pulls your shirt off.

Your standing their half naked while Key pulls away and takes his shirt off. You bite your lip feeling your body temperature rising. You feel your womanhood starting to get moist; you're afraid the next time Key touches you that you'll have a mini orgasm. Can someone really be this intoxicating? Can your body crave someone so much that it hurts? You ask yourself.

Key pushes you onto the bed, as he climbs on top of you he kisses you deep and passionately you wrap your arms around him pulling him closer as you wrap your legs around him. Key slowly moves from your lips and down your neck licking and kissing his way down to your breasts. Every touch of his lips and tongue make you moan for more. You don't want him to rush but at the same time your body is screaming for him to put his cock inside you.

Key can feel your reactions and it pleases him, he knows he's got you and he knows you want him bad, but he's not going to give into you just yet, he likes to tease you making you want more and more until you can't handle it anymore and your begging him to put himself inside you. Key starts licking your left nipple and nibbling on it while he massages the right breast, squeezing it gently and pinching the nipple when he bites on the other. You arch your back in response, he continues with the other nipple when he's satisfied he moves down to your pants. Undoing them and pulling them off leaving your lace panties on.

You feel Key kissing on your thighs moving closer and closer to your already wet panties and then you feel his tongue run across them and your breathe catches. Key slides his hands on the sides of your panties and pulls them off coming back kissing your thighs again and blowing on your hot wet pussy. Your body shutters in anticipation you don't have to wait long before you feel Key place his fingers and tongue inside of you. Sucking and licking your walls fingering you deep, you grab his head pressing him deeper while you're biting your lip.

"Kibum please please I'm ready." You moan. Key comes back up kissing your stomach and breasts before kissing you passionately. As Key is kissing you his free hand is on his cock and he starts to rub the head of it against your wet hot pussy.

"Do you want it? How bad do you want it baby?" Key asks, you moaning in response and moving your hips to meet his.

"Please oh please I want you, I need you, give it to me." You beg Key. Key smiles while he leans down and kisses and bites your neck as he places his cock inside of you. Key pushes all the way in, you take in every inch and your body arches in response. Key first takes it slow, while kissing you all over. Key grabs your hands and pins them above your head, your fingers interlocking with each other and Key starts to pump in and out faster and deeper harder.

Key leans up spreading your legs and adjusting you making his cock go even deeper, you feel like he will split you into but it feels so good you don't want him to stop. Key grabs you and pulls you on top in a sitting position so now you're riding him. Kissing and holding each other tight as you ride him. You throw your head back as you feel you're ready to explode. Key leans back; you situate yourself to ride him. You grab his hands and place them on your breasts making him squeeze them as you ride him hard and fast you're bouncing on his cock. Key slides his hands down your sides and place's them on your hips brining you down on his cock hard as he climaxes which makes you climax with him. Both of you moan together. As you lay down on top of him you roll off to the side. Key wraps his arms around you and holds you, kissing your nose, your forehead, and finally your lips.

"I love you Y/N, thank you for waiting for me." You smile at him.

"Of course I would wait for you, I love you, and I'm with you forever." The both of you cuddle until you fall asleep.

I've been a fan girl all my life, and i'm the motherly type of fan girl I want to support and take care of the artists I respect and love all my artists. I love anime and Asian culture. I'm a shy person until I get comfortable and then I'm like the annoying never shut up child. I'm mature and immature at the same time. I love Kpop and J rock/pop and dramas.
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