I Want The Headline...PT44

Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS

Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung

Part: 44/? Character Profiles | Video

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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.

Jungkook shoved his way past the guards posted outside the doors, angrily shouldering the door open. Seated at his desk skimming through papers, the mayor flinched, wide eyes shooting up to see what was going on. Hot on his heels, the guards stormed the room, one managing to get a grip on the back of Jungkook’s jacket. They weren’t exactly sure how he had gotten past the front desk, but they were going to make sure he didn’t get any further.

“Ah, wait!” The mayor rushed, “H-He’s fine! It’s alright!” He smiled weakly at the odd look the guards were sending him, but nonetheless they backed off. Waving them away, the mayor held his smile until the door was shut softly and he was alone with Jungkook.

Jungkook was dressed in the same thing he had been wearing when his father last saw him in the prison lobby. A dark green jacket draped over a rumpled white tee shirt. The hat he had been wearing was gone, the mayor noticed, but the ripped jeans and muddy boots were still there. There was a bruise along Jungkook’s cheek that stretched as he worked his jaw and dried blood collected on the corner of his lips. He was pacing, the steady thud of his boots along the carpet filling the room. Suddenly, he stopped, the sound of his boots halting and the only sound heard was the soft ticking of the clock on the wall.

Heaving in the center of the room, Jungkook venomously stared at his father. “You fucking revoked my access.” He hissed. The older man, rubbed his brow tenderly,

“..Which one are you talking about?” He asked delicately. He had actually revoked Jungkook’s access to two places, being immediately informed that he had tried to go to both places back to back shortly before he stormed his office. The older man just didn’t know which one Jungkook was angry about. Sighing, the mayor wondered how everything had happened so quickly. It had only been three days since the warehouse raid and already he had stretched several laws to keep Jungkook and his girlfriend out of prison and no doubt the boy would be pressing for the rest of his organization to be freed soon. His oldest son was already on his back, wondering why some seemingly random guy was getting such special treatment. No doubt, he’d be digging into Jungkook’s history and probably find out why.

Eyeing his son, the man sighed. He should have claimed him years ago. He had done him wrong and now, he was practically helpless against his son’s manipulation. If word got out that he not only had a secret son, but that he was part of the mafia and moreover he was using his position of mayor to keep him out of the law’s sight an uproar would start. Not to mention, how would his family react? He had a son and two grandsons who looked up to him. His wife would find out about the affair.

Mayor Jeon wasn’t sure if claiming Jungkook was worth all that trouble. Jungkook didn’t even seem to like him. Even when he was a little boy, he’d cling to his mother whenever he would go to visit them, his shy eyes timidly watching. After she had died,

Jungkook had changed. Granted it was mostly his father’s fault, but Namjoon’s group had wiped out most of the police force on several occasions beforehand. It was obvious that they had claimed Jungkook as one of them. The mayor had almost lost his oldest son, he didn’t want to put his life at risk again for a little boy who would only be shipped off to boarding school since no one could know the relational ties between Jungkook and the mayor. But looking at Jungkook now, fully grown and burning with rage; it seemed that not picking him up and sending him off was a mistake.

Mayor Jeon wasn’t sure how to go about this.

Jungkook stepped towards the desk, leaning over it to glare at the older man. “I fucking know you revoke my access from both of them.” He revealed, “I wanna know why I can’t see her. I’m going to fucking murder Yoongi with my bare hands, but that can wait. You’re stopping me from seeing her.” He narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Calmly the mayor met his son’s gaze, “I’m the mayor of this city and your father.” He tried to place his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, but it was harshly shoved away. Mayor Jeon nodded, delicately lowering his hand, “Jungkook..Why don’t you go home and rest?” He suggested, “I got an apartment for you in a nice neighborhood. So you can live quietly and peaceful-”

“You’re just trying to keep me fucking separated from you and your damn spotlight.” Jungkook retorted darkly. “Don’t think that I didn’t know that that’s the same damn thing you did to my mom. A nice, paid for apartment on the other side of town. Far, far away from you.” He smacked a stack of files off the desk, “You even have fucking groceries sent there. I know what you’re trying to do, but you’re not getting rid of me until I get what I want.” The mayor nodded, eyes averting from his youngest son’s intimidating stare to his laptop on his desk. Jungkook’s hand shot out, slamming the device shut. “You know what I want.” He growled, “So let me see her.”

His father softly shook his head. He didn’t deny Jungkook access to your room to spite him. He did it so Jungkook would actually sit down and rest. “But all you’ve been doing is pacing around her hospital room and making the doctors nervous or arguing with guards at the prison.” His father frowned at him. He knew Jungkook was hurting, but the way he was handling things was bad. “Mr. Min is in solitary confinement now that you just went to the prison and started a fight with him.” He nodded at Jungkook’s confused stare, “Yes, I am kept in the know of what you’ve been doing, Jungkook. You’re not going to be able to see him whether I have a say in it or not and the girl..she just lost her baby. Give her time to rest. I know you’re hurting about the loss of your chi-”

“Shut the fuck up!” Jungkook backed up quickly, hands pulling at his hair. Pacing the room angrily, he felt like hitting something. Suddenly, he whirled around, shoving over the plush chairs neatly placed in front of the desk. “It wasn’t mine.” He growled, hand shooting out as if he was going to grab onto his father. The other man leaned back, hands held up weakly. The baby wasn’t his. Was that why he was so upset? “You’re talking so damn lightly about shit you know nothing about! It was his, he hurt her and you’re making up shit about that baby being mine? You don’t know anything! About me, about Y/N, about this damn city!” Slapping his hands aside, Jungkook gripped the man’s tie, jerking him closer, “The next time I go see her, they better let me in or I’m fucking coming for you.”

He laughed.

A soft snort, passing through his breath. Cramped into a corner, knees pressed to his chest, he laughed. The small room was completely black, the only light being a red speck coming from the top corner of the room. A soft whirring drifted from the corner; a camera adjusting focus.

They were wondering what he was doing.

Yoongi lifted his head, the laughter gone. He stared straight at the red dot, knowing fully well that even though he couldn’t see the camera, they could see him. He wondered what they were doing. Taking notes? He hadn’t moved for the past three hours. His laugh being the only interesting thing he had done. Were they seeing if he’d break? He had nothing to give them. The room was getting colder with each passing hour. They were trying to worm something out of him.

They were trying to make him crack again.

The first time had been completely coincidental. It was all Jungkook, and some incompetent officer who thought it’d be okay to let him in the same room. The sharp hiss to his tone did nothing to warn the officer, who had only asked that Jungkook fill out a form and he’d be clear to meet Yoongi. So Jungkook filled the form, his pen tearing the paper as he angrily wrote the name of the man he was here to see.

Min Yoongi.

And Yoongi was lifted from his shared cell with Jaehwa, the later warily eyeing the guards. Yoongi was oddly calm, easily standing up from his bed and letting them guide him to the conference room. He was seated, cuffed to the table and left alone.

Until Jungkook walked in.

It didn’t take more than a minute before curses and threats were being spat out from both men. Yoongi managing to slip his hands through the cuffs and Jungkook lunged over the table. They fought; restraints aside. Voices clashing together, teeth clenching, and nails scraping; they fought with the full intent to harm the other as much as possible.

Guards swarmed the room, ganging up to pull the two apart. The conference room was full of confusion; security wondering why Jungkook was allowed to see Yoongi anyway. All Jungkook had to mention was you and a baby.

Mouth spewing promises of what he’d to Yoongi for infecting you with his parasitic spawn, Jungkook was dragged from the conference room and taken in for questioning. Yoongi went limp in the guards arms, his heart dropping. He didn’t know anything about this. Before he could ask anyone about where you were he was hauled off, past his cell with Jaehwa and thrown into a small dark room marked with a rusted plate that read,

Solitary Confinement.

And that’s where he had been for the last two days. He couldn’t see anything, the entire room drenched pitch black; the small recording light on the camera not nearly strong enough to illuminate anything. Yoongi had crawled into the nearest corner and sat quietly, head resting against the wall. Jungkook said you were pregnant. He picked at his thumbnail, tongue twisting in his mouth. He couldn’t do anything for you or that baby stuck in confinement. How was Jungkook walking around free anyway? He was at the warehouse, wasn’t he arrested too? Yoongi lightly hit his head against the wall; Jungkook had to have some sort of connection somewhere higher up if he’s walking free. He worked his jaw, licking his lips. There was one more person he could rely on to get him out, but he wasn’t sure how well it’d work in his favor.

Yoongi needed to get into contact with Jin.

The office doors slammed open, Captain Jeon barging into the room. He furrowed his brows at the sight of the guy from the warehouse, practically strangling his father, and quickly moved forward to pull Jungkook away. One handedly reaching for his handcuffs, he grappled with Jungkook, trying to restrain him.

“Wait! Let him go!”

Captain Jeon glared at his father, “He put his hands on you! He threatened you, he needs to be arrested!” He didn’t understand why his father let this one guy get away with so much. First, getting out of prison, then dropping all charges against him, and just now Captain Jeon had been told that his father had let his guy storm into his office.

His father stood from his seat, reaching out to grab his oldest son’s sleeve and pull him back. “I said let him go! He didn’t do anything wrong.” Captain Jeon angrily, released Jungkook, turning his heated stare to his father.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” He snapped, “You’re talking so easily about shit you know nothing about! Do you know how many people he’s personally killed? How many of my officers and whenever we get close to him all of a sudden all of our evidence is gone and you’re personally calling for his release!? I fucking noticed, dad and I’m tired of your bullshit! You either tell me why the hell he’s so special or I’m coming for you personally.”

The mayor blinked, gaze shifted between the two men. Oddly, he wiped at the sweat collected along his brow and quietly laughed. Captain Jeon raised a brow in disbelief while Jungkook huffed, rolling his eyes. The older man softly smiled at his sons, “You two are very similar.” He rubbed his hands together, wondering what was the best way to let his oldest son into the loop.

Captain Jeon recoiled, dark gaze cutting to Jungkook. He was nothing like him. He was an upstanding citizen, he didn’t break laws and work under the cover of night. He sure as hell didn’t set people on fire. Jungkook, who had been staring steadily at the mayor, languidly averted his eyes to Captain Jeon.

“I’m Jeon Jungkook.” He began, lips tilting up at the way the captain visibly flinched at the revelation of his surname. “I’m your little brother.”



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