Hardest lesson to learn..

#TRUSTWHATYOUTRAIN #BETHEMOTIVATION Here is the truth, I don't like to sugar coat it I'm gonna be real. Being humble is the hardest thing anyone can do, but it's the thing that feels better than anything else. When you are humble you are putting others before yourself to motivate, to lift up, to teach, to help, to entertain, to love them. This teaches you that other people matter that when you are humble to others they actually respect you more and will become great friends in the future. Working hard is easy, anyone can work hard for 1 day. It's not that hard, so try working hard for 1 week. Set a goal for this week maybe it will be to study for 1 hour each day, maybe go to the gym each day? Whatever it is set that goal and work hard for this week. Give that a shot and each week after try to add 1 more day to work hard towards something! STAY MOTIVATED, WORK HARD, BE HUMBLE.

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