The FDA Discovered That We’ve Been Sprinkling Wood Shavings On Our Pasta

I love cheese, it's great on any meal.. but sadly I have seem grumblings on the web that people are selling tainted cheese to the masses.

That Parmesan that we might be putting on our pizza and pastas could be nothing but wood shavings.

According to Bloomberg, the FDA has been investigating Parmesan manufacturers who fill their product with cellulose derived from wood pulp, which is often used for anti clumping purposes.

Bloomberg tested some major grocery store 100 percent grated Parmesan brands, and found that Jewel-Osco’s contained 8.8 percent cellulose. The Walmart brand had 7.8 percent, and KMart’s had 3.8 percent.

So do yourself a favor and do your googles on a product before you purchase it. I don't think anyone wants to purchase cheese that is close to 10% wood pulp.

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