So my three friends and I have a group chat! And the other day one of my friends texted me, and today our other friend texted me on our group chat, and they sent me some kpop memes they found online!!! As you can see they aren't kpop fans, they just know about kpop because I am a fan.

Memes are everywhere, specifically kpop memes...Kpop will take over the world!!!! *insert evil laughter* On a more serious note, kpop is everywhere now, and I'm so proud of not only the groups I am a fan of, but of every single kpop group out there. We're getting somewhere!! Tagging my friends!@Adetoro,@AmbieB,@amobigbang,@AnnaArai,@ARMYStarlight,@BBxGD,@CeilidhHoadley,@DestinaByrd,@Hayatonamjoon,@JasmineMartinez,@Kyashi,@Lexxcisco,@MadAndrea,@MellisaGarza,@MichelleIbarra,@NaughTae,@pandakpotaku,@PrettieeEmm,@reyestiny93,@ReynadeKpop,@RihannaTiaMay,@Sailynn,@sarahdarwish,@SarahVanDorn,@TaehyungV,@UnniCakesAli,@xroyalreisx

Living the Kpop life.
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