{WW} Hotaru Shidare!

From the new and still airing anime Dagashi Kashi, Hotaru Shidare!!

Just look at those eyes!! The first time I saw her I was just like wow! Yup I'm in love! lol If you watched this anime so far you would be too!

An eccentric girl who is super passionate about sweets and snacks. Her father owns a famous snacks company and she wants to make it the best in the world. She goes from the city to a surburban town to Shikada candy store to recruit Yo who is a legend in the candy business!

Shidare is a weird and crazy girl and I love that about her! She gets overly excited about candy and often makes others participate in strange activites involving candy. She is like a database of knowledge when it comes to different types of candy and the unique purposes behind each one.

Here's more Hotaru Shidare for you all because I know you wanted more of her too!

This is it for my Waifu Wednesday! Hope you all enjoyed my card this week with the amazing Hotaru Shidare! If you haven't been watching this anime I highly recommend it! Let us see what your {WW} cards are like! don't for get to tag@hikaymm in them too! Until next week, see ya!

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