Imaginary Cat

Just finished this show, it's a short series and I loved it. I watched it because I love Yoo Seung-Ho, Kim Min-Suk, and because of the cat of course. I am a cat lady, I love cats, I love dogs too, but cats are my favorite always have been.

This reminded me of my relationship with my dear cat Michael. He was a black cat, his eyes where a deep gold and his fur was a silky velvet. His tale looked like it was stuck on as an after thought and shaped funny. His father was a bob tailed cat. But he was my best friend I would talk to him all the time. I miss him a lot still to this day. I was away on a trip and I knew he had passed. I got a feeling out of the blue and I cried and was sick. My father and I went shopping and I found a big black stuffed animal cat that looked just like my Michael, my father bought it for me. I still have the cat, I wont give it up.

Sometimes you just connect with an animal that no other person can understand or they think your crazy.

I loved this show because it shows that deep love for an animal and how important they are to their owners.

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