Amateur Running Man London ( summer of 2012)

We are a HUGE fans of Running Man Show and have always imagined what is like to play the games. As far as our knowledge, no one has ever recreated the game and we like to be the first one to try it out. Just before the summer ended, we've decided to make that idea a reality and organized an "Amateur Running Man" (ARM) event. ARM not only demonstrates our love and passion for Running Man while promoting Hallyu wave but also showcases London's Landmarks. 18 ARM-ers, divided into three groups, enthusiastically participated to be crowned the first Amatuer Running Man! Please rate, comment and give us constructive feedback as well as share and give us love and support. We apologize if the video is not perfect, it's a fan dedicated work. For behind-the-scene information, please check out: Instagram ❤ Blog ❤ Facebook ❤ Twitter ❤

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