Get The Look: Beyonce And Jay-Z Date Night Out

One can only imagine what date night with Beyonce and Jay-Z would consist of.

Only the finest wines and finest courses served on gold platters? Okay, maybe that's a stretch. At the end of the day, what a lot of us fail to realize is that they are still human. They might be rollin' in the dough, but they are just like us. Going on a date is always an exciting feeling, especially the hours that lead up to the date. As much time as we spend trying to find the perfect outfit to sweep our date off their feet, Beyonce probably never has that issue and it shows.

This past Tuesday, the power couple had a date night in West Cali and Queen Bey showed a bit of skin in a gorgeous white dress with a leather jacket for a bit of edge. She completed the look with a pair of gold pointed toe heels. Talk about simple yet chic. Although the weather is a bit chilly here on the east coast, you can totally pull this look off and look just as great as Beyonce even if you are going on a date to Sizzler. Keep scrolling to see how you can recreate Beyonce's date night look on a budget.

Similar to Beyonce's dress, this dress is fun, flirty and gives you just enough breathing room.

Everyone needs a leather moto jacket in their life. A great transitioning piece to any outfit adding a bit of edge that we all love so much.

Not quite gold, but these bronzy heels are the perfect replica of Beyonce's pointed toe sequined heels. These babies will pull your entire look together while having you feeling on top of the world.


Are you loving this recreation?

Would you rock this look on a date night out?


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