Highlight, contour, & don't forget that blush!

There is endless ways to highlight and contour , the tricky part is finding the right and practical way for yourself.

Here are some basic steps and colors you can use( of course colors can vary depending on your skin tones)

The best technique you can use is to follow the structure that corresponds to your face shape.

Believe it or not blush application requires techniques as well. Oval faces: Apply blush horizontally. From your cheeks to the sides of your face, with straight movements without stretching the color out too much. Round faces (like myself): Apply your blush diagonally from your cheeks towards your nose in straight movements. Squared face: Apply your blush over your cheeks in circular motion.

Here is a broader picture. (squared face upper left, long face upper right) (oval fave lower left, round face lower right ) Hope we can all find this useful

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