Call Me Old School But I Still Believe In Relationship Titles

Relationship titles have since been replaced.

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We all want love, that's a given. No matter how much a person makes it seem that they are pro-single life, everyone craves a bit of affection every now and then. While we all may want love, some just want the love without the actual title. It's like going to a place of employment five days a week, but not actually ever going through the interview process and getting hired. We live in a society where we work for free when it comes to relationships. Overlooking the title that deserves a place on our resume, but all we have to show for are the daily responsibilities that come with the job.

Call me old school, but I still appreciate the idea of a title. If we are together than I need to be your girlfriend and not just 'that girl' you're kicking it with weekly. Don't get me wrong, every title takes time -- but why look at the menu if you don't plan on dining in? It's almost as if we have become so comfortable with the idea of kickin' it that we have kicked the traditional sense of dating to the curb leaving the titles left for dead.

People always say titles don't mean anything, they are just words. Words hold meaning, you just need actions to back them up. You can say you have a job, but you really don't -- just look at Tommy from Martin. But it's different to do a job and not say you have one. You aren't given yourself the proper credit you deserve and the same can be said for relationships these days.

We all deserve the proper credit.

Stop settling. Don't do the work if you weren't hired.

Wait for the title.


Do you believe titles hold huge significance in a relationship?


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