Exodus (Exo Fanfic Chapter 3)

Chapter 3~ Kris

~Canada 1990~

I carried my youngest son of the triplets as I limped walked to the house, where I was going to give Kris to. I sat down on the porch as I cradled Kris in my arms. He looked at me with a scolding face. I chuckled softly as I ran the tips of my fingers on his forehead down to his nose. "If you hold your face to long like that. It's going to get stuck and you will have to live with that face expression all your life." I whispered to him but the scolding face came back. I smiled to him. "Okay, I get it." Telling him as he kept looking at me. I turned around and placed Kris on the door step. Along with his necklace and letters for him and his new parents. "I will never let you be alone. Find your brothers and maybe future brothers and sisters. They and you will be a family as one. I love you Yi Fan, my Kris." I stood up and rang the door bell. I rushed down the drive way and hid behind the tree from across the house. ~Person p.o.v~ I was putting the dishes away as my husband was watching tv. It was about seven at night. Putting the last few dishes, the door bell rang. I dried my hands as I meet my husband at the door. He opened it wide enough for me to see if anyone was there. But there was no one. "Damn kids." My husband mumble under his breath as he was going to shut the door. That was when we heard a baby cry. He opened the door again because thought he was hearing things but I looked down on the door step and saw a baby wrapped up in a blanket with a necklace and two envelopes. "Look honey." I told my husband as I moved him out of my way and kneeled down to pick the baby boy up. "Where did you come from sweetie?" I asked the baby boy as he made a scolding expression on his faced. I giggled and awed at him as I brought him further into the house. Sitting down on the couch, I rocked and patted the baby boy bottom softly. My husband came in few minutes after with one of the envelopes opened. He sat down next to me and sighed. "Honey, we should take him to the adoption center tomorrow" he said but I looked at him. "No. I want to keep him." I told him as I held the boy closer to me. "Honey we can't keep him. You know that I know we are both not financially stable to take care of baby." He explained to me. His face expression was serious with worriedsome because I wanted to keep the baby. "No we are keeping him. We will manage somehow, someway. I don't want to end up putting him a home were he is abused or neglected. And we both know that I'm not able to have children after that accident happened." I told my husband. He looked away from me to the wall. I watched him collect his thoughts. I knew he and I wanted our own bundle of joy but with our not so pay well jobs we couldn't afford to adopt a kid or have one. My husband shoulders slumped and he nod "okay we will adopt him. And when he's older he can find his other siblings." I was smiling but when he said siblings, I had a confuse look on my face. "Siblings?" I asked as my husband nod. "According to this letter he is a triplet, two older brothers that are his twins. Also his name is Yi Fan but the letter says to call him Kris." My husband explained. I looked down at the sleeping baby and smiled. Welcome to your new home, Kris.

A/N: Hehe did I keep you waiting enough ^_^ Baby Kris now has a home. I'll update again soon. I hope you enjoyed reading @MichelleIbarra@KaeliShearer@MsLoyalHeart@terenailyn@MeghanJorgina@Kpossible4250@TesneemElAlami@RandomName@Stefany17@Allyson3333@KassyGuz96@tiffany1922@christianliu

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