Is the Cardinals' window finally closing?

Over the past decade, St. Louis has been one of the most successful franchises in baseball.

Fan of the team or not, they have been extremely productive. They are well coached and don't seem to miss a beat at any point of the season.

This post year was the first we saw a chink in the armor. When the bright lights were on, they seemed a step too slow in the field, bats too slow to attack pitches.

Is this the end of their reign?

Jason Heyward, trying to explain why he bolted to the rival Chicago Cubs, hinted that he -- and, no doubt, his agent and advisors -- wondered whether the Cardinals' window might be closing, at long last.

"You have Yadier, who is going to be done in two years maybe. You have Matt Holliday, who is probably going to be done soon. … Guys like that are what really introduced me to the St. Louis Cardinals organization," Heyward said. "I felt like if I was to look up in three years and see a completely different team, that would kind of be difficult."

With that being said, this team has done an amazing job in it's farm system preparing players for the next level. They also have done a great job signing the right guys at the right moment. Combine those two things with great coaching and you have a pretty strong franchise.


Is time up for the St. Louis Cardinals? Are they a team on the decline?

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