Master of Orion Reveal Sci-Fi All Star Voice Cast

Master of Orion, a game I just heard about because of their voice actor reveal video, looks like it's not taking any chances with who they hire on to play their characters. It's weird to admit this but just the voice cast makes me want to pick up the game when it comes out.

Seeing who they have to play all the pivotal roles in the game make me feel like if I were to play it, I'd be more engaged because of the phenomenal voice acting. It's also really interesting to me that Alan Tudyk and Mark Hamill are a part of the same project. Sure, it's voice acting and not really like a thing they'll be in together at the same time but it's still cool to me that a character from two of my favorite Sci-Fi properties (Star Wars, Firefly) are involved in the same thing.

As for the game, it looks like an awesome science fiction version of the Civilization games. It looks like depending on what alien race you choose, you get access to different abilities that'll help you becoming the king of the galaxy, or something. I'm really excited to try this game when it comes out because I've been wanting a space-faring civilization building game for a while now.

I don't play too many of these types of games though. Only right before bed just so I can play something that I'd consider low-impact. I'm hoping it'll be a fun one to get into because I really love anything that's science fiction. You can check out the First Look trailer I left at the top of this block if you want to see more what the game could be like.

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