Coca-Cola Cake

Hello everyone... I'm back with my second recipe.. Yes..coca- coka cake. I guess most American know this cake right? but have you eat it before? You have my promise, this recipe was really really simple and easy to make like my banana cake recipe card before.. You don't need hand or stand mixer to make this cake.. just use a whisker like in the demo video. Ok..first, watch video below.. from Joyofbaking of my favorite cooking blog.

How it taste? NO coca-cola taste at all ! but it taste like a moist and fudgy chocolate cake you ever eat. I baked this cake a couple month ago..and my kids really love the taste. I have a chocolate cake recipe that I always bake for my family before but this cake is irressistable.. hope the word is right... haha Let's read the recipe below;


** if you don't have buttermilk in your fridge, let me give you a substitute for this thing. it really work for me so it must be work for you too. 1 cup milk + 1 tbsp white vinegar or 1 tbsp lemon juice.. you have buttermilk now.. You can use BROWN SUGAR like I always do and use LESS Sugar for your cake recipe but.....make sure your ingredients is in room temperature.. yes ROOM TEMPERATURE. IF YOU KEEP EGGS in the fridge, try to put warm water in the bowl with eggs in it. sorry, I don't know how to bold the word with my smartphone One more thing, you can use ANY cola drink if you want but I don't know it will make the same result & taste..ok :) So guys...try it and you will love it.. Good morning here and good nite there...haha..

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