Bias Wars

So after a whole night of debating with myself I finally decided on my answers. I figured I had better hurry and post this before I second guess myself again.@BBxGD and@Jiyongixoxo please enjoy what youve done to me.

1. Ultimate Bias : Is none other than Kim Jonghyun. I can't say enough about this man. He voice just straight up kills me. Not to mention how much of a hard worker he is. He is my unshakable ultimate bias.


Bias wreaker : It is none other than the TOP man himself. Everything about him just makes me smile. Be it his voice, his acting, his serious side and his playful side. He is extremely talented and I cant get enough of him.

Bias creeper: Namjoon. He is seriously rude. He keep coming out of no where being all adorable. Needs to take his dimpled cuteness and leave me be.

Bias murderer: For me its once again Jjong. I have a hard time keeping my shit together when he does...well anything really. And he needs to keep that tounge of his in check.

Sneaky bias: Yongguk. Oh Yongguk how very sneaky you are. The switch between a cutie to a beast always catches me off guard.

Secret Bias: So I dont normally talk about this bias of mine. Xiumin. Not for any real reason. It just doesnt come up often but I still like him all the same. He is quiet himself but when he sings I do melt. Not to mention he is such an adorable cutie.

Best body: Im going with TOP on this one. He looks good in just about everything. Especially suits.

Best tattoo: Im going with Gdragon on this. I love all his tattoos. Especially the smiley face on his hand and the dragonball.

Best abs: Was kind of hard for me. There were a few to pick from. But ultimately Taeyang won me over. Trust me this one took the longest to decide.

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