Adele + Ellen = EPIC Prank


This is by far the funniest thing on the Internet right now. LOL.

Adele and Ellen DeGenerous teamed up for one of the most successful pranks in the history of daytime television. DeGenerous is notorious for putting an earpiece in celebrity ears and having them do exactly what she tells them from her show as they make a fool of themselves in public. So for this prank, Adele went all out when she visited a local Californian Jamba Juice.

Though it's insanely obvious how nervous the employees are when meeting Adele, she remains unfazed by DeGenerous' instructions. Adele asks many questions, acts like a diva, and constantly compares Jamba Juice to England. The employees do their best to accommodate. However the tides truly turn when Adele takes a shot and then cuts some grass off and eats it nonchalantly. She even dumps her purse all over the counter asking why she should pay since she's a celebrity. The employees are stunned with Adele while DeGenerous' assistant tries her best to stay calm.

However eventually Adele admits the prank and the employees are relieved. This prank is so funny I literally laughed out loud and I know you will too. With Adele's complete hilarity and witty sense of humor, this makes for an epic video.


Point 1 for Adele.

What was your favorite part?

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