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Alright so I've never written a fic before but this edit I made ^ is just begging for a story so here I go. Tagging the lovelies that comment on the original post@PliaVaj@luna1171@merryjane13@SusiBosshammer also just gonna smack a 18+ on this since ya know it's 50 shades of maknae


You weren't really friends per se. You shared a few classes over the years, but your friendliness never went past the final bell. You were totally down to become his friend, you got along great in class, but he didn't seem like he had much time for friends outside of school since he was an idol and you always thought that if you suddenly tried to become his friend it would seem like you were trying to mooch off of his fame. The last school bell had rung and you were at your locker trying to remember all of the homework you had to bring home that night. You looked over your shoulder when you heard footsteps getting closer to you. It was Yugyeom. He had his tie pulled loosely around his neck, his school jacket slung over his shoulder and was pushing his disheveled hair black hair out of his eyes. Damn, when he wasn't being a giggly little dork in class he could really be a stud. He leaned against the locker next to you and started swinging your locker door back and forth, causing a slightly annoying squeak. You grabbed your locker door to stop the squeaking without even looking up from your backpack. " hi Yugyeom." you finally say. You look at him and he's got this adorable smile on " heeeyyyyy yyyyy/nnnnn" he said in a i-need-a-favor tone "what do you want." you chuckled he laughed back "um this is kind of embarrassing because I don't want you to think I'm dumb, but I did NOT get that math lesson today and I saw you just flying through the notes so I was hoping you could explain it to me like we can go get tea or something and you can try and help me understand because I am fucked for that test on Friday." "yeah sure, I mean I'm no teacher but I'll try to help." you replied "OK sweet, thank you, um I have to meet with my manger for a bit, but I'll text you when I can meet up." "k, sounds good." A few hours had past. You got home and finished all of your homework excepted for math because you figure you could just go through it with Yugyeom. You changed your clothes to something a bit more sexy and your style from your school uniform. I mean he was cute and you did have a slight hope that this study session could turn into something..... more. Your notification light finally lit up. A text from him. *hey, sorry was a longer meeting than I thought, but I'm right out side. you should bring a coat is kinda cold* you felt you stomach do a little flip. He didn't give much time to mentally prepare for this, he was already waiting outside your door. You quickly grabbed you backpack, your phone, and gave yourself one final look over before walking out the front door.

"Hey" Yugyeom said as he saw you step out of your house. "Hey." you said as you shut the door behind you. "you didn't give me much of a warning sir." you joked as you walked down to where he was standing. He looked so cute in his scarf and coat. "yeah sorry, I was just going to go to the coffee shop but I realised your address was on the way so I though we could just walk there together." Yugyeom said as he shivered. "here, let's go now cuz it's getting colder by the second." he continued. "OK yeah, I'm fucking freezing." you replied and you two started making your way to the coffee shop. It was a cozy little shop, that was thankfully toasty warm and had bomb chai tea. You and Yugyeom set up shop in the back corner where they had one dusty couch that basically swallowed you whole when you sat down. You two had your coats, backpacks, books, and teas scattered all around. You were sat close together at the edge of the couch to avoid being completely sunken in. You were so close your knees were touching and you kept crossing your arm over his to correct whatever mistake he had made on his homework. You would think it would be awkward since this is your first time hanging out outside of school but it was just comfortable. It was if you had been hanging out for years, and you didn't look at him as some idol. Right now you looked at him as Yugyeom, this cool kid that need help in math. Yugyeom flopped his books on the coffee table in front of you and slumped back into the couch with a throaty sigh. You giggled and put your books down too and turned to face him. "what's wrong?" you asked "this shit just makes my brain hurt. All of these numbers and counting I just start to get tunnel vision. How does this just come so easily to you?" "well up until the beginning of highschool all my parents ever let me do with my free time was study. They're both really big on college so they just wanted me to study so I could get a full ride to Harvard or something, but once I got to highschool I just finally told them that my passion in life wasn't math or science it was singing and dancing. So thankfully they let me take dance lessons rather than having five tutors and yeah ever since all of those years of tutors and studying school just comes easily to me." "wow, that kinda sucks." Yugyeom said in a saddened tone, "so all you did was study, did you not have time for friends?" he asked "well no, not really. I talked to kids in school but I didn't really have like a best friend or any boyfriend's...... it's kinda like you now I guess." you let out a half hearted laugh "wait so you've never had a boyfriend?" Yugyeom asked "no" "so you've never even been kissed" "I never said that" "well have you?" "........ no" Yugyeom just stared at you as if you were some alien species "WHAT?!?" you said as you shoved his shoulder "your 18 years old how have you never been kissed?" "well I just told you. It's not like it's a big deal. I mean I just hope it happens before I die." you laughed The atmosphere was a bit more awkward after that. You finished your homework together but Yugyeom sat in a way in which you couldn't check his work so you just finished the rest of your homework in silence. Once you both were done, you packed up all your stuff and he started walking you back to your house. You were starting to come up to your street when Yugyeom started talking "I didn't mean to make you feel bad earlier, ya know about the whole kissing thing. I just.... I don't know..... I just think that's crazy. For YOU to have never had a kiss." you looked down at your feet as you walked "why such the emphasis on the fact that it's me that hasn't ever had a kiss?" you were finally standing in front of your house. Yugyeom stood in front of you so you were face to face, toe to toe, with your breath visibly swirling with his in the cold air. You looked into his eyes and your body flinched when you saw him suddenly move in closer to you. "you're to beautiful to not be kissed." and with that he leaned in even closer to you. One of his hands slid behind your waist as the other caressed your jaw. He looked down at your lips, then deep into your eyes, then back to your lips again and before you could process what was happening you felt his lips on yours. It was gentle.... at first. Just his mouth on yours and holding you close to him, then he pulled his head back ever so slightly. You did want it to be over so soon. It seemed like your body moved before your brain did. You grabbed both of his cheeks in your hands and pulled him back into the kiss. You were no expert at this, but you had watch the Notebook enough times to get a rough understanding on how to kiss. You held the kiss as your hands dropped down to his shoulders. He looped both of his arms around your body and lifted you closer to him to the point where you thought your feet wouldn't touch the ground. He opened his mouth slightly and you licked at the inside of his bottom lip. He started to dance his tongue against yours. You two would bounce back and forth between little pecks then deep lip melting kisses. It felt as if hours had past once you had finally stopped. He let go of his tight grip around your body and you instantly felt the cold that had been blowing around you. You felt a sting on your lips and you could see that Yugyeom's were more swollen than before. He smiled and gave you another soft peck "I'll see you tomorrow ok?" he said "ok... uh..... bye." you stuttered out. You walked to your front door as Yugyeom walked off to the other end of your street. Once you got into your room you dropped all of your stuff off by your door and fell on to your bed back first. You just layed there thinking over and over again about that kiss that just happened less than 3 minutes ago. If you closed your eyes you could still feel his arms around you and his lips on yours. "holy fuck." you uttered to yourself. That's a first kiss for the record books. After that first "date" you and Yugyeom continued to talk on a daily basis. You hung out in and outside of school as much as you could but you never realised how much he was actually gone from school until you started talking to him seriously. Between all of his practicing, promoting, and recording, you had only gotten to have a handful of times to be with him in person over the past few months. You kept the friendship alive through texting which you thought you eventually fizzle out, but it actually helped you tell him things that you wouldn't have to courage to say to his face. And yes it was still a"friendship" because neither of you had dropped the boyfriend or girlfriend bomb on the other so you were just two people that made out occasionally. You two had been going on like this for 4 months now, and he's been gone for the last 3 weeks with promotions across most of Asia, but he texted you saying that he wouldn be getting back that night and he wanted to take you out to eat and he asked that you put on something nice. You spent a good two to three hours getting ready. You did your make up and hair and went through at least 20 different outfit changes before you finally settled on something you liked. *I'm here!* popped up on your phone screen. You were excited and nervous to see him again. This was the longest he had been gone since you had started talking. Your hands were shaking and you couldn't keep your heart rate under control. He was standing by a black car when you stepped out your door.

He was dressed in a sexy black suit and had a big smile on his face as he watched in great detail as you walked towards him. He greeted you with a fulfilling hug and a gentle kiss on the lips. You saw a sneaky smirk spread across his face as he pulled away from you "hey beautiful" he said in a deep whisper. "hi" you giggled back at him. He stepped to the side to open the car door for you. You heard him walk around the car and get in the back seat with you from the other side. "a driver. How fancy." you said as you winked at Yugyeom. He laughed and put one arm around you. You snuggled yourself closer to him. "yeah well I have something planned for tonight so I'm whipping out the big guns. Driver, suit, dinner. I've got it all planned out." he told you "well what's the big event?" "you'll have to wait and see." You were insanely curious, but you also liked a good surprise so you just left it alone. The night was incredible. Yugyeom brought you to a restaurant with a dazzling view of Seoul. You had foods that you barely could identify because they looked like art, but they were delicious nonetheless. You both caught up on what the other had been doing. He told you all about all the places he had been and the crazy fan experiences there were. He had an arsenal of views on his phone from all of the cities they had visited. You told him how school was going fine as usual and you even started going on dancing auditions. You hadn't landed anything yet and you told him it's because you thought your hip hop might be a little weak. And he took that as an invitation to teach you a few moves. He payed the check, which you didn't even want to know how much it was, and you two were on your way to the JYP practice studios. Yugyeom walked over to the surround sound and started blasting got7 songs. Here you were in heels and a dress. Yugyeom in a fitted suit, and your about to learn choreography to Just Right. You joked around in the beginning a bit. Following the choreography then just twerking at the parts you couldn't remember. Finally you got the whole dance down and you ran through it with Yugyeom at least 10 times. You finally layed on the floor completely out of breath. Your hair was a mess and you were sure you had wiped off all of your make up. Yugyeom walked over to shut off the music and then collapsed to the floor. "ahhhh. you'd think I'd get less tired the more I do this dance!" he exclaimed you laughed " so this is what my boyfriend has to do 60 times a week." OH FUCK, you thought to yourself. you realised what you said but it was already too late. You dropped the bomb. You looked over at Yugyeom and he was already staring at you. You didn't dare say anything else so you just looked up at the ceiling "umm..... boyfriend?" " no, no that's fine Yugyeom, that just slipped out, I didn't mean it like that. I jus-" "NO. stop...... It's not that I don't want to be your boyfrined it's just..." he let out a frustrated sigh. You waited for a second, but he didn't continue. "what?" "........ if we date I want you to know everything about me........ so... so you know what your getting yourself into" you looked at him with a confused look on your face, "...ok?" you said quietly "come one" Yugyeom said as he left the dance practice room. You followed him as he walked you two towards the elevators. Your mind was racing with all these possible answers as to what he was talking about. Neither of you were talking but you could feel how tense he was. He couldn't keep his hands still and you could see him clenching and unclenching his jaw. The elevator opened and you followed Yugyeom out. He walked down the hall before he finally stopped in front of one door and opened it for you to step in. Yugyeom shut the door, but he didn't turn the light on. It took your eyes a second to adjust, but from what you could tell it was just an old office room that was now just being used to store unwanted office chairs, five of them to be exact. Other than the chairs there were just two windows on the wall opposite of the door you just entered. The blinds were down so the only light coming through were street lights shining on to the carpet in horizontal lines. "Yugyeom what are we doing in here?" you asked extremely confused and slightly concerned " y/n. I'm going to explain this the best way I can and I want you to know now that you are allowed to say no to me, but saying no also means I can't be your boyfriend, and we can't continue talking. " His words hit you like a brick wall. You could feel your eyes start to tear up. What was he even talking about, and how could he so easily just be done with you. You just stayed silent because you knew if you said one word you would burst in to tears. So you just stared at him in the darkness, barely able to make out his facial expressions. "I don't like gentle sex. I don't make love. I fuck. plain and simple. I like dominance. I want to tie you up, spank you, choke you. That's what I like. That's what I demand and if you aren't up for that then we can be done." You were completely shocked. You weren't sure if he could see it, but your mouth was dropped open and you weren't even sure if you were breathing. His voice was so firm in the way he said it, it was such a cold delivery. You were standing a good 2 feet away from him so it felt like he was giving you orders. You wanted the Yugyeom that was in the practice room just 5 minutes ago. The Yugyeom that was goofy and laughing and making you feel like you were 10 years old again. This version scared you. This Yugyeom seemed like a stranger. You didn't know what to say but you knew you should say something " i.... I don't know what to say. I've thought about having sex with you, and I want to... but.... I'm still a virgin. I don't know if I can even do the things you like." you did your best to keep your voice stable, but you were really shaken. A part of you just wanted to run out the door and another part of you just wanted to run into his arms and have him be the gentle giant you were familiar with. "if you want we can try something. That's why I brought you in here. I want to show you.... what it is I do." he said in a much more soothing tone. This calmed you down just a little bit, but you could feel your hands shaking. "..... ok.. I'll try." you said. You saw him flick on the light. It wasn't much brighter but you could see him better

he was unbuttoning his shirt as he walked towards you. Your feeling of nerves was being over ridden by seeing him look like that. He had this misty darkness in his eyes and it made you forget all of the fears you had just seconds ago. He came inches from your face. You closed your eyes expecting his familiar passionate kiss that left you in a haze, but he quickly turned your body around and walked you towards the window. You placed both your palms against the cool glass. You could feel his sticky breath against the side of your neck. Your mind was blank. You could only feel what he was doing, your mind couldn't process anything. You felt him kissing and biting at your neck. leaving hickeys on both sides. his hands were roaming all over your body. Your breath was hitching in you throat every time he would ghost his fingers over your panty line. He continued sucking at your neck. He brought both of his hands up to your chest and started playing with your boobs. "mmm fuck jagiya." Yugyeom growled at you. You could feel him harden from behind you. He started moving his body against yours, causing him to get harder. "take off everything, excepted your heels and sit down." he said in a firm voice as he gripped one hand slightly around your throat. It scared you a bit, but you obeyed. So far you were fine, the only thing that was questionable was him putting his hand around your throat, but maybe that was as far as he was going to take it for now. You took off your dress and went to take off your bra and panties when you suddenly got stage fright. He was standing there watching you the whole time. Slowly stroking himself throw his underwear. The sight of his erecting dick being rubbed by his strong hand gave you chills. Your body was aching for his touch. You were naked now but still had your heels on. You grabbed the closest office chair to you and sat down. He walked over to you painfully slowly. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it off to the side. He moved your chair so the light through the blinds were shining lines across your naked torso. Yugyeom leaned down closer to your face and placed his hands on either side of the arm rest. You were caged in to this chair. He left a feather like kiss on your bottom lip then he dropped down on his knees. His left hand held you in place by your hip while his right hand traced the lines that were being cast by the window. Just over and over, tracing each line from left to right then down to the next one. It was slightly ticklish, but you didn't dare laugh so you just sucked in a breath and your body jolted. You wanted to tell him you didn't like that, but you weren't sure how he would react. He heard you open your mouth to say something but he quickly interjected "don't say one fucking word." he said harshly. You bit your lip back and your whole body was frozen. He went back to tracing. He was two lines away from hitting the folds of your pussy and the anticipation was eating you alive. He was finally at the line. "open." he demanded simply, and you did as he said. You opened your legs as wide as the chair would allow you and Yugyeom just stared at you open pussy. You saw a smirk slide it's way onto his face and he suddenly grabbed your hips and pulled your lower body away from the chair. You clutched on to the arm rest. He grabbed your right leg and out put it over his shoulder and you closed your eyes. You felt one lick go from the bottom of your pussy up to your clit. A sharp gasp left your mouth and your body jolted closer to his face. He repeated this three more times. On the last time he slid his tongue all the way up to your clit then he used his right hand to hold open your folds and expose your clit more. He rubbed circles around your clit. round and round all while you're biting your lip so hard doing anything not to make a sound. He latched his entire mouth just around your clit, sucking on it and circling it with his tongue. Your grip was so tight to the chair you could feel your hands burning. The room was filled with pathetic grunts coming from you and the sound of Yugyeom sucking on your pussy with no mercy. He started using his left hand to tease your hole. sticking one finger in and pulling it out slowly then back in again, once you got used to that he added a second finger. Pulling his first and middle finger in and out of you. innnn..oouuutt...innnn..ooouuuttt. His mouth still attacking your clit. Then it was gone. All the pleasure churning around inside you was gone. Yugyeom stood up and started pulling his belt from the loops on his pants

"turn around and bend over." he said in a calm warm voice. You nodded your head and did as he said. You placed your hands on the back of the chair and stuck your ass out for him. You knew this was going to hurt but the way he just made you feel might be worth it. He brought his belt up to your shoulders and let it slide it down your spine then fall off the curve of your ass. "when I ask a question, you answer yes oppa, got it?" Yugyeom said in a stronger voice than before "ok" you said, you felt the sharp whip from the belt land straight on your ass, you yelped in pain and stumbled forward a bit. " I thought I told you to only reply with yes oppa, didn't I?" then he whipped you again "yes oppa." you squeaked out He bent himself over you so his mouth was by your ear, and he whispered, "good girl." then you felt him grab your ass cheek firmly in one hand. Your head dropped between your shoulders. He spanked your ass again with his bare hand and your head shot back up from the sting.

he started pulling you up from the chair by the neck, and you grabbed his wrist in fear. you turned around and Yugyeom kissed you passionately. Sucking these lips the same way he did your pussy. He kissed you sloppily as he pushed you back to the window. His hand slipped back down to your clit and began rubbing rough circles. Your knees were giving out and you were holding Yugyeom as support. As you started to slip Yugyeom grabbed your throat to pull you up again. You started freaking out. His hand around your throat was making you fear not being able to breath which was causing your breathing to be unstable. You grabbed his wrist and tried to pull his hand from off of you "stop please" you said. He immediately let go of you and you slid down to the floor. You just sat there catching your breath Yugyeom sat down next to you. He pulled you into his chest. You stayed there in his arms until you could get yourself together. "I'm sorry." you said into his bare chest "this is just too much for my first time." he sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have just thrown all of this on you at once." you looked up at him " I wanted to be good, I wanted to please you, but I just... I have no idea what I'm doing and ....I was kind of scared." Yugyeom pulled you back into his chest and held you there "I'm so sorry." he said as tears started swelling in his eyes The next day rolled around and you couldn't believe what happened the previous night. You had a lot to talk about with Yugyeom and you didn't know if last night meant that you had no chance of being his girlfriend now or that he might give you a chance to redeem yourself. You sat out side with Yugyeom for lunch. There was no one else around so you already expected what you would talk about. You sat next to him instead of in front of him so you wouldn't have to look him in the eye. Frankly you were kind of embarrassed of the night before. You were still a virgin, but that was the furthest you had ever gone with someone and you basically ruined the whole thing. "so I thought about this all night," you started, "and I want to do the things you want to do. I really want to be with you Yugyeom and I'm willing to try things for you. I think I just jumped into it without knowing what I was doing." "That doesn't mean you're going to react in a positive way the next time. Y/n I know what I do in the bedroom is not for everyone and I don't want you to fake enjoying yourself if you're uncomfortable. Sex is not the most important aspect in a relationship, but I does play a pretty big part. So I'm telling you that if what I want to do in the bedroom is something you don't want to do then we need to stop this now before we develop deeper feelings for each other. I don't want to hurt you y/n. When I spank you or choke you it's not to hurt you. It's to please the both of us, but if you're not pleased then we have to stop now." Yugyeom said sternly. " I just got freaked out last night. This is all new to me so you can't expect me to be super ready to do everything, but I'm willing to try with you. I trust you Yugyeom and if there is anyone I want to explore my sexuality with it's you. Plus there were parts from last night that I did like. It's just when you put your hand around my throat I got...scared.......I mean can you blame me. My whole life choking has been associated with death not pleasure. You just have to give me time to adjust. I have to switch my mind to know that you're doing what you're doing for pleasure and not to hurt me. Please Yugyeom I want to give us a try." Yugyeom sighed then turned to look at your face. You looked back at him with an unconvincing smile "ok, but the second you're not enjoying yourself you have to tell me ok y/n?" "yes oppa." you laughed "HA" Yugyeom laughed **********OK so this is kind of a point where I can stop the story but I can also keep going so please feedback would be great**********

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