Seo In Guk "I'm still lacking a lot"

This is from an interview from Newsen. It's pretty long but I will just try to summarize! Seo In Guk is stealing hearts with his charm and talent. He leaves footprints for for his acting, singing and entertaining skills. Newsen invited him for a face-to-face interview and even though his body seemed to be tired, he sat down with a bright smile. Seo In Guk shared "I still have a long way to go. I am enjoying my popularity but I know that me as a singer, an actor, or an entertainer is currently lacking a lot. I am not yet satisfied with my work. I can't say I will be the best, but I can guarantee I will try my best. I will continue to show you my hard work and become a better person." The singer-turned-actor attracts attention with his release of 'With Laughter or With Tears' that uses a love story to convey the message about going on a diet. (Sounds weird right, no matter how many times I listen to the song I can't get it yet. Check it out for yourself: and let me know if you understand it!) He was also casted in the upcoming movie "No Breathing" - Korea's first movie about swimming! I love love love what he said! It just shows how humble he is~ but don't worry Seo In Guk, be it a singer, actor or entertainer, you are doing a great job!!

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