Birthday Lies (GD Short)

This is a bit late, (I'm Sorry College is hard), but this is to honor Patience's birthday. I didn't proof read it thoroughly so I hope it doesn't have any horribly wrong typos. But anyways, Hope everyone enjoys it!!

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The light shined brightly off the white table cloth in front of you but you didn’t mind it much. Your attention was too focused on the phone in your hand. A small smile tugged at your lips as you read the latest article about your boyfriend’s internationally noticed fashion sense. Not for the first time, you again wondered why he would even want to date someone that barely knew which shades of blue were acceptable to wear together, but here you were. You had been together with him for a few years already and even though he had given up on letting you pick your own outfits, he was never embarrassed or shy to tell the world you were his.

You were snapped away from your phone when it was quickly snatched from your hands. “Yah!” You looked up to yell at the individual who would dare touch your phone when you were met with the bright smile of Yong Bae.

“Happy Birthday!” He said brightly.

“Thank You Oppa.” You smiled holding out your hand for your phone. You were thankful that you had him around. He had convinced you to come out of your apartment away from that tub of ice cream calling your name, to celebrate your birthday with him. He knew that you had decided to stay home since Ji Yong was once again out of the country.

He looked down at your phone and rolled his eyes. “You should have just told him to stay here. He would have stayed without a second thought if it was a request from you.”

You thought back to before Ji Yong had left…

“There are going to be a lot of big fashion names there.” You listened to him go on and on about the next big fashion show he had been invited to. You loved the way his eyes would brighten and the way that killer smile of his would spread happily across his face when he would talk about either fashion or music.

You smiled softly your head resting on your fists. He went on to tell you about the different designers you still hadn’t ever heard of and how this time it was in New York. “New York huh? It would be nice to go there one day. When is the show?”

He pulled out the invitation and froze. His face fell only for a split second, but you had caught it. “You know what? I don’t think I want to go to this one.” He shoved the invitation back into his pocket and smiled brightly at you. “Let’s go get some food.” He held out his hand for yours but you shook your head slightly.

“When is it?” You asked again looking up at him. Technically you felt you didn’t really need to ask. You knew the only reason he would refuse to do something was because of you. Having a boyfriend that put you first was the most heartwarming feeling but at the same time, it made you feel like you were holding him back at times. Your birthday was in a month and if you were to bet any money it would be that it was on or around that day.

“I have previous plans with you.” He bent down and left a soft kiss on your forehead as you wrinkled your nose in protest.

“It’s my birthday isn’t it?” You looked up at him your heart and your brain conflicting. On one hand you wanted nothing more than to tell him to go, tell him that your birthday came around once a year but this was a once in a life time event and he would regret not going. You knew he loved these kinds of things and you didn’t want to make him feel he had to give them up for you. On the other hand though, it was your birthday. He had never missed one of your birthdays before. He would take you out to do something fun and then end the night with a romantic dinner for two. You looked forward to your birthday every year because it was the one day he refused to be anywhere else but with you.

He nodded slightly but continued to hold that bright smile as he took your hand. “There are more important things than a fashion show.” He kissed you softly on the lips and pulled you along, heading for what you assumed was your destination for dinner.

The waitress seated you at a table giving you the same glare you had grown used to. Your relationship might have come out years ago but girls still didn’t like you dating the precious G Dragon. You snickered to yourself and turned to look at Ji Yong. He stared out the window thinking about the fashion show you would guess. He had been so excited to actually go that you started to feel wrong for even letting him think he had to stay. “Go.” You said before you even realized that you had made up your mind.

His head snapped back and he looked at you confused. “What?”

“Go to the fashion show. I know you want to go, besides…” You searched through your head for any reason that he would actually go and not protest that he needed to be with you. “My family is coming to visit so I will be spending most of the time with them anyway.” You lied. You hated lying especially to Ji Yong, but you hated feeling like you were holding him back even more. Your family lived in the states and you didn’t get to see them often so when they did come you never spent much time with Ji Yong. This is the perfect excuse, you thought to yourself.

Ji Yong’s smile faltered for a second but then returned even happier. “Really?”

You smiled brightly loving the fact that, even if you had to lie, it had made him smile like that again. “Really. So go to the fashion show and we will celebrate my birthday when you get back.”

He jumped up and kissed you on your forehead promising that he would make it up to you. Your birthday would be one hundred times better than any year before. You smiled and hoped you could keep up the lie until after the fashion show.

You had. The lie still sat like a lump of coal in your belly but you pushed it aside. Ji Yong had gone to the fashion show and here you were hanging out with Yong Bae. “I know I could have told him to stay, but if you think about it. I pushed him to go in the first place.”

Yong Bae nodded before telling the waitress what to get for you both to eat. As soon as she left he shook his head and sighed. “I get that you don’t want to make him feel like he has to stay with you, but did you have to lie to him?”

“If I hadn’t lied to him he never would have gone. You know just as well as I do that he would not have even thought of leaving me alone on my birthday.” You smiled into the cup of coffee that had been gently placed in front of you and thanked the waitress.

“This is true, but he is going to feel bad when he realizes you did spend the day alone.”

You nodded taking a sip of the sweet coffee. He would be upset, not because you lied to him, but because he had left you alone. Then again… you looked up at Yong Bae and smirked, technically you weren’t alone, so it wasn’t a complete lie.

“I don’t count.” You frowned and glared playfully at Yong Bae. He always knew your thoughts better than anyone else.

“Why not?” You asked a light pout to your voice.

“He would say that I don’t count.”

You had to agree. Ji Yong wouldn’t have counted any of the BigBang members if you used them as an excuse. “I guess.” You took a deep breath and smiled. “Well what’s done is done and there is no going back. I will just have to deal with it when he gets back and realizes that I lied to him.”

“I hope you are ready for that.” Yong Bae said before the waitress came back with your meals.


The day had been rather simple. You had gone to lunch and a movie, plus an hour of kicking his butt in arcade games, and now you were off to have dinner with the rest of the members. You hadn’t even realized you had drifted off to sleep until Yong Bae shook you awake. “We are here sleeping beauty.”

You groggily woke up and slowly took in your surroundings, it wasn’t until your eyes landed on the familiar building that it hit you. You were at Ji Yong’s house. Your eyes widened and you looked back at a deviously smiling Yong Bae. “Why are we here?”

“Dinner with BigBang for your birthday.” He stated simply before pivoting on his heels and walking towards the front door.

Maybe they were just using his house? Something in your gut told you that you were in for a scolding. You tenderly walked into the house your palms feeling sweaty. He isn’t here, you thought to yourself. He is in New York at that fashion show and they are just using his house, you nodded finally convincing yourself. You pushed your shoulders back and smiled brightly walking behind Yong Bae. You walked into the dining room and you finally felt like you could breathe. Sitting around the table were the rest of BigBang, Ji Yong nowhere to be found. Yes they just borrowed his house for tonight, maybe to make me feel better because he isn’t around. You told yourself. You took a sip of the champagne that had been handed to you and smiled.

“No they aren’t”

You froze, you knew that voice and besides Yong Bae there was only one person that could read your thoughts. You turned around to see your boyfriend standing in the door way to the kitchen his hands in his front pants pockets and a frown plastered on his lips. Your heart sank. What was he doing here? Shouldn’t he be in New York watching the fashion show about now?

“Where is your family Y/N?”

Your head fell forward trying to hide the look of guilt covering your features.

“I know Yong Bae is family but what about the family from the states that were supposed to be visiting?”

You wished there was a hole somewhere for you to go crawl in. How had this happened? You were sure you had gotten away with it for the time being anyway. He wasn’t supposed to be here right now.

“Your sister called me a week ago trying to get ahold of you because your phone was off.”

Oh no, you had forgotten that you had given your sister his phone number in case she couldn’t reach you for some reason. You briefly thought you should have at least told her what was going on. Now it was too late, you were caught and Ji Yong did not look so happy.


You sat on the couch nursing a cup of tea that had at one point been hot but the steam was long gone. The rest of the BigBang members had said Happy Birthday and decided to make a dash for the door. Anyone could feel Ji Yong’s irritation and even you didn’t dare to look up from the black cup in your hand. He didn’t push you for anymore answers. In fact, he simply sat staring at you waiting for your response.

What should you tell him? You hadn’t expected him to be this mad. You nibbled on your lip trying to think of how to apologize. You were in the wrong, but you had done what you felt like was the right decision at the time. You peeked up at his face but let your eyes dart back down after they had made contact with his. The frown still hadn’t left his face and he stared at you with a piercing gaze just daring you to try to lie to him again.

Your heart beat quickly in your chest and your palms started to feel sweaty again.

The cup slipped slightly in your hands causing you to spill a bit of the beverage onto your jeans. You heard a loud sigh and Ji Yong left the room. You were in the process of scolding yourself for being stupid when he sat on the couch next to you and pulled the tea cup from your hands placing it on the table. “As clumsy as ever.” He gently cleaned the tea off of your hands and your pant leg.

You looked up at him and bit your lip. Even if he was mad at you he always tried to take care of you. “I’m sorry.” You said softly. He stopped and looked back at you. “I just didn’t want to see you upset because you couldn’t go to the fashion show. I know you love going to those things and I didn’t want to stop you from going out because I am being selfish. I didn’t want you to go but I felt it was only fair that I told you to go but I knew the only way you would leave me was if you thought that my family would come down so I came up with the stupid lie so you would feel like it was okay to leave me, but I never guessed that my sister would call you and you would ask her about them coming out and now you are here all mad at me and you still didn’t go to the fashion show so my lie was all for nothing so now you are just ma….” Your rant was cut off when his lips pressed against yours briefly. When he pulled away you looked at him slightly shocked.

“Breath Y/N.” He said softly, a smile spreading across his face when you realized you had been holding your breath and almost gasped for air. “I know why you lied, I am just hurt that you would feel you needed to do something like that. I do like the fashion shows, and I enjoying going to them.” You had that feeling that there was going to be a but and you waited for him to continue. His hand reached out and moved a piece of your hair from your cheek as his eyes moved over your face as if he was memorizing your features.

“But?” You asked softly growing too impatient for him to continue.

He only chuckled and shook his head. “But I love you more.” Your face lit up like a fire cracker on the fourth of July and you buried your now red face into his shoulder. He laughed harder and moved to look at you again. “You act like that is the first time I have told you that.”

“It is…” You said glaring at him playfully.

His eyebrows furrowed and he looked thoughtful for a moment. “I know I have said that before.”

“Nope, that is the first time you have said that before.”

He smiled and pulled you close. “Well I do love you Y/N, and I don’t want you to ever try to get rid of me again.”

You nodded in agreement and muttered back a soft “I love you too oppa.” Before begging him to end your misery and get you your cake.

You both sat at the table as you blew out the candles. Of course you wished for BigBang’s success both with group and solo activities, and you wished that you and Ji Yong would be together forever. As you blew out the candles you heard a soft snicker next to you and turned to scold Ji Yong for trying to disrupt your birthday wish, but you stopped in your tracks.

Ji Yong knelt down by your chair a little ring box in his hands and a bright smile on his face. “Forever and always, as you wish.”

Another quick little short. Spring Break is next week and I am hoping to be able to get a short or two out along with a couple chapters of Diamonds. As always thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list.

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