Beauty Hack: Bigger Than Life Eyelashes Using Cotton


We've all been there.

Don't want to spend a ton of money on extensions, but don't want to buy falsies that will be useless by the end of the night. So, where does that leave you? You can either embrace your natural lashes and throw on a few layers of amazing mascara or you can embrace your natural lashes and try out this amazing cotton ball hack.

You're probably thinking to yourself, 'how in the world will cotton balls make my lashes voluminous?'. Well, believe it or not, it works and all you need are three small materials including a spoolie, a cotton ball and mascara. This method allows you to be flawless on a budget. Keep scrolling to see how you can recreate this hack and make your lashes bigger than life.

Would you give this beauty hack a try?

How do you keep your lashes full and voluminous?


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