An Unexpected Visit Pt. 1


WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WHAT LIES AHEAD IS SOME SMUTTY SMUT SMUT SMUTTY SMUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you are under 18 please PLEASE do not continue. Turn back now. Go on. For my mature audience, enjoy ;)


Summary: Jungkook always flirts and teases you, even though you both know that your friend likes him. The problem is, you like him too, he just don’t know it. And one night, you just have to ‘tell’him, in a certain way. ———————————————————————————————————– “Stop it. Right now.” You whispered angrily to the smirking boy standing behind you, who just happened to have his hand on your butt. “Why?” He whispered back. You could feel his breath on your ear, and it sent shivers up your spine. “You know why.” You said, a little calmer, and with a hint of pity in your voice. And he did, he did know why. You both knew how much your friend liked him. Still, he didn’t care. He had said it to you many times, “I only want you Y/N.” And it made you both pissed, and exited. You hated yourself for wanting him. Your friend had told you about it, way before you felt anything for Jungkook. It was his fault. He always flirted with you, making your heart race and your blood pump. The worst thing about it, was that he could have you, as many times as he wanted, if it weren’t for your friend. And he wanted you, so bad. He made it quite obvious too; The way he suddenly grabbed your ass when no one was looking, the way he said your name, the way his eyes lit up every time he saw you, and most obvious of all, the way he had to go to the bathroom to stop his bulge from getting bigger. And oh my god how wanted to help him. You wanted him just as bad as he wanted you. And you felt so guilty about it. Until one day, it was too much to handle, and you broke. Jungkook would never be with her anyways, you thought as you walked to his house. The normally 10 min walk, took this time 30 min. Mostly because you kept walking back and forth, wondering if you could go through with it or not. Eventually, you ended up at his place. Two small knocks, and what felt like an eternity later, the door opened. Jungkook stood there in his grey sweatpants and loose t-shirt, just looking at you. His eyes scanned you from top to bottom, and smiled. Not with that sexy grin he usually show you, but a friendly smile. It hit you like a punch in the stomach, and you stumbled back, going down a step on the stairs, turning your back to him. Don’t speak, don’t speak, don’t speak, you prayed in your head. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” He said while stepping out. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I can’t do this! Your thoughts went through all the places in your brain to find an excuse to leave, until he grabbed your shoulder and turned you around. “Has something happened?” A worried expression grew on his face. And in that moment, your mind came clear. “Fuck it.” You said while pulling his head down to your lips in a rough and passionate kiss.  His eyes went wide and his body stiffened. However, he returned your kiss, before pulling back to look at you. No words needed to be spoken as you looked at each other. He took your hand and dragged you inside, almost forgetting to close the door behind him. You threw your shoes off, and before you knew it, you were floating in the air. Jungkook had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder, making you gasp. He smacked your butt and a loud gasp escaped your lips, making him hum in approval. He threw you on the bed, and stepped back to look at you. He seemed to like what he saw; you finally laying on his bed, hair all over the place and your blouse revealing the skin underneath. You bit your lip and sat on your knees. Itching to touch him, you moved closer and grabbed his t-shirt, pulling him over you. He landed hard, hands on either side of your head, making the mattress bounce underneath you. He shot down and kissed your jaw, roughly going down to your neck, biting on your soft skin along the way. He licked a stripe up to your ear and growled at you. A strangled sound escaped your closed mouth. You breathed heavily though your nose as he entwined your lips with his. Your hand found his back, and you scratched it, urging him to loose the shirt. He took the hint and moved away, pulling it off in a matter of seconds. His hand travelled to your pelvis, stroking your goosebumped skin, making you moan. His eyes were fixed with yours, while his hands travelled to your waist, going around to your back and pulling you up. Your eyes were covered when he pulled the blouse over your head. He was inches from your face when you recovered your sight. You bit your lip once again, and you could see the sparks in his eyes. All of the pent up frustration of not being able to touch him, went through your mind. And at that moment, a brilliant idea of getting revenge, flooded to the smirk in your lips. You took a handful of his hair, and pulled him back, while whispering, “Now, it’s my turn.” He licked the corner of his mouth, while giving you a stare of pure lust. You tugged on his hair again and he hissed. However, you were suprised when he removed your hand and pushed you back down. “Not this time. This time, you’re mine.” You gasped as he put a hand between your legs. Grabbing his arm, you gave him a stern look, which he only grinned back at. He shook his head slowly before he went up and down your body, biting and sucking on every piece of flesh he could find. You wanted to have your revenge for all the times he teased you, but it felt too good to make him stop. “Take off your bra.” He whispered between his teeth and your skin.  You did as he said, and when you tossed it across the room, his head shot up to your breasts and bit your nipple. Your head flew back as a gasp left your lips. He hummed at your response as his hand massaged one of your boobs, while licking and sucking the other. Your throat made noises you’d never heard before, and it felt amazing. As his head went down again, he grabbed your jeans and roughly pulled them off, making your body jump down the mattress. His face disappeared between your legs, and you felt a stinging sensation followed by a smooth, wet touch; Jungkook bit down on your inner thigh, hard, before licking and soothing the throbbing bite. He kissed it as he went upwards, making more, until he hit your panties. Continuing past it, he barely grazed your clothed clit with his chin, making you squirm and gasp. His large hands held you in place as he lifted himself up to you. He bit your bottom lip. Not too hard, but hard enough to make you flinch. He held your chin in place, as he licked and kissed your pounding lip. The feeling of pain and pleasure made your legs weak, and you loved it. You had never felt anything like that before. It was new and exiting, yet scary. You entwined your fingers in his hair, as he pressed his lips to yours in a passionate fight for dominance. Your mouths opened slightly, and both your tongues clashed together. He seemed to be lost in the kiss. You took your chance to push him over. He lifted himself up on his elbows and looked at you. Just looked at you. No smirk, no look of disapproval. Until he laughed. “You want to dominate me that badly?” His tongue poked out between his lips, before wetting them.  “You’ve teased me for so long Jungkook. I think I’ve deserved it, don’t you?” He hummed in response. “Do your best.” He challenged you. Oh, I intend to, you thought while grinning. Your body hovered over him. Sitting slightly below his waist, you made sure not to touch his throbbing erection. You were going to tease him as much as possible, before you broke. And you knew you were going to, by how wet your panties were. Your hands went over his toned abs. You knew he had been working out, but damn, those lines were to die for. He looked at you behind hooded eyelids. Still on his elbows, your tongue travelled up his chest, to his neck, then to his jaw. He breathed heavily, trying to remain calm. Your warm breath made him shiver, and you giggled in satisfaction. He groaned at you when you nibbled on his ear. You licked a wet line down his neck, before sucking purple marks on his collarbones. You eyes flicked up to meet his, as your hand went between you to tug on his sweatpants. Going just past the band, you felt only skin, no boxers. “All bare underneath, huh?” You whispered seductively. “Well if I knew you were coming, I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.” He said with a grin that revealed his pearly white teeth. You slid down his legs, until your head was above his crotch. He watched you with hungry eyes as your fingers slid underneath his waistband, and pulled them down, making his cock slap hard on his pelvis. His body tensed up at the feeling. He licked his lips and swallowed hard, while grabbing the sheets. You could see the beads of precum on his tip as you took him in your hand. You rubbed your thumb up and down his shaft, circling it around his tip, resulting in him throwing his head back. He moaned the most sexy sounds you had ever heard, and it turned you on beyond control. You free hand travelled to your wet, clothed pussy, and began circling your cit. He noticed, but didn’t care. He was giving in to the feelings of your hand rubbing him in every motion possible. Your hand pumped him a few times before your lips closed around his throbbing head. You felt his salty taste, and it made you even wetter. Bobbing your head up and down, you earned moans and growls and occasional whimpers. You experimented with your limits as you deepthroated him a few times. When you suddenly swallowed around his cock, he had to stop you. “You know, I won’t last long if you keep doing that.” He said between breaths. “Why don’t you let me take care of you now?” He smiled as he pushed you down beneath him. He pulled your soaked panties down. Taking them off, he tasted them before throwing it across the room. You bit your lip at his dirty action, and wanted him to do more. He grinned as his head dipped between your legs, pulling them over his shoulders, and holding your waist in a tight grip. You felt his hot breath near your soaked pussy, and your body tensed up as his tongue flicked your clit. Going through your folds, he tasted everything, sucked up everything, and licked everything. He explored your entire pussy before sticking his tongue in your entrance, making you arch your back. You grabbed his hair and tugged. He let out a growl, which sent vibrations to your entire body. You were incredibly over sensitive, and you felt everything he was doing to the last detail. How his tongue curled inside you, how the creases in his lips kissed your clit, how your folds fit perfectly in his mouth, and how every breath he took and let out, felt like a thousand lightning bolts, hammering against you.  It wasn’t long until you felt that unmistakable knot, forming in your stomach, and your legs began to shake. His tongue became more violent as he knew you were close. Your hands grabbed his arms and squeezed so hard, you were sure it would leave bruises. As the feeling washed over you, screams of pleasure filled the room, and you felt something you had never felt before. A release like any other. Jungkook stopped immediately, and his head popped up, all wet. “Y/N! I didn’t know you could squirt!” He almost shouted in amazement. Head spinning, you had to lay down for a few seconds before finally realizing what had happened. “Wait.. what? I did what? How?” You said, clearly out of breath. “How should I know? But damn! That was so fucking hot! Shit Y/N!” You could only laugh when seeing his overly wet chin. “But were not done yet.” He said as he pulled your body closer. Your hands reached around his neck, while you licked all your juices off his chin, before sharing it with him in a rough and passionate kiss. “God damn, you’re so hot.” He said while lifting your chin up, getting the perfect angle to suck on your neck. You hummed in response as you felt your core getting hot again. Pushing you back down, he positioned himself between your legs. He pumped his cock a few times before sliding it over your wet folds, circling your clit, making your body jump at the sensitivity. He pushed his tip in slowly before clashing inside you with a loud sound of skin hitting each other. Your hands grabbed the sheets and twirled them around, trying to get a good grip to hold on. His growls and moans became louder, and you swore the neighbors could hear you, especially by the way you screamed his name, over and over. He pounded into you, while grabbing your thighs. His face was covered in pleasure and concentration. He wanted to last as long as possible, to make you cum again. But with your over sensitivity, that was definitely not a problem. He suddenly pulled out and flipped you over, positioning you on all four. He immediately pushed back inside, and thrusted deep, hitting all the right spots. His hands grabbed your ass, squeezing it tight before spanking you. Your body flinched, and he held you in place, soothingly stroking the red mark. You felt the stinging go away, as it soon returned by another spank. This time it was all pleasure. It was like when he bit your lip. It hurt at first, but then it felt good. You felt your legs shake yet again, and you squeezed around his cock, making him spank you harder. Your arms gave in, and your upper body fell to the mattress. The knot was getting bigger and bigger as your second climax approached. At the same time, you could feel Jungkook getting sloppier, thrusting more fiercely, and without rhythm. As the feeling washed over you, your walls clenched hard around him, making him cum within the last two, hard thrust, followed by some unwillingly aftershocks to ride it out. He collapsed beside you, panting for his hard life, as you lay there, exhausted by the amount of sensitivity in your lower body. After a few moments, Jungkook came with a towel to clean you up. “Do you want to take a shower? Or just go to sleep?” He asked with a soothing voice.  “Can we just lay here for a few more moments?” He slid back into bed, pulling the covers over you. You nuzzled into his neck and appreciated the smell of him. He stroked your back as he said, “You didn’t squirt the last time. Guess we have to work on that.” A wide grin forming on his face. “I guess we do.” You giggled.

Is it hot in here or just me? Credit goes to scenarioswithbangtan tagging my lovelies:@11erinmims@PrincessUnicorn@dchapple45@vlargo@mylifeisnow@lunastormnoona@StaceyNguyen@yaya12@karlythepanda66@AshleyAndino@Tracylinn@KaylinJones@KaeliShearer@VeronicaArtino@kaikaikpop@addri@Helixx@Kpossible4250@HaleyLamoureux@roseeoh@alltimerejectx@DeyaniraEstrada@bambamisbae@sugalessjams@queenlele@evieevelyn@chinabarrier16@carolinacastane@XionHeart@KarolinaTrevino@Helixx@falselove@momochamie@Eliortiz13@TingTingShi@Valerie816@nightshade18@KarlythePanda66@VIPfreak2ne1@danamichelle@swarrier16@susibosshammer@ercurrent@laurendimalanta@merryjayne13@vane6799@taisiakaps90@sindyhernandez@tinathellama@karmajune1017@kpopbtslife@SugalessJams@DekaraMiller@missukyi@CamrynCherry@Tamaki1618@bnrenchilada@shelby101@mjenifferjm9@Cassierchiqua@MichelleIbarra@drummergirl691@JessicaFigueroa@ninjamidori@ravenrave95@tiffany1922@BrendaPham@KassieXiong@gyapittman@MsLoyalHeart@Jinnyrod3@reyestiny93@Orihemay@SarahVanDorn

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