A man honors his dog that passed away in the best way possible

Something tells me this man's dog is waging his tail in heaven. Chris Sontag-Ratti and his dog, Everything, were best friends. In 2013, Everything passed away from cancer and Chris was devastated. He memorialized his best friend in the best way possible — by giving away tennis balls to strangers as long as they promised to use them to play with their dogs.

It all started with one post.

This was the Instagram post that started it all. On the second anniversary of Everything's death, Chris posted this picture to Instagram, offering to give away tennis balls to anyone who responded to this post as long as they used the tennis balls to enjoy time with their pets.

An overwhelming showing of love.

After just 24 hours, the picture received more than 8,000 likes and many requests for tennis balls. He originally purchased only 100 tennis balls. He soon found out he would need so many more. Chris has now started posting pictures of the dogs who are now enjoying those donated tennis balls thanks to their owners replying to his post. People are also offering to send in their old tennis balls to help Chris in his mission.

To see some of the pictures and the original post, check out Chris' Instagram page.

What a great way to honor a dog and her love and loyalty.

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