Free Friday!!!

Today is Free Friday!! What this means is that I will choose a random music video, that caught my attention this week. I'm pretty sure that most of you have seen Seo Inguk in kdramas (and most likely have fallen for not only the characters he plays, but him as well). But how many of you knew that he started out as a singer?? I watched this video this week, and I was impressed with Inguk's vocal capacity!! Also the video was quite cute! So today I have chosen Seo Inguk's BOMTANABA!!

Just a dorky picture of me!! Anyway, I'm tagging my friends!!@Adetoro,@AmbieB,@Allyson3333,@amobigbang,@AnnaArai,@ARMYStarlight,@BBxGD,@CeilidhHoadley,@DestinaByrd,@Hayatonamjoon,@JasmineMartinez,@KaitlynHewitt,@Kyashi,@Lexxcisco,@MadAndrea,@MellisaGarza,@MichelleIbarra,@NaughTae,@pandakpotaku,@PrettieeEmm,@PrincessUnicorn,@reyestiny93,@ReynadeKpop,@RihannaTiaMay,@Sailynn,@Sammie99522,@sarahdarwish,@SarahVanDorn,@StefaniTre,@TaehyungV,@UnniCakesAli,@xroyalreisx,

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