Agent Krystal Chapter 28?

Whoo, 28 chapters! I'm sorry I've been neglecting this fic the last week, but writer's block really sucks. I haven't been able to write anything because I can't focus at home like I can anywhere else. But anyway, I'll put up the warning again. This one is gonna be feelsy. As always, thank you all for loving this story so much. You rock!!

It had been nearly a month since Raven had told JJ she was pregnant, and the two were out on their way to the mall to buy some things for the nursery. "Jamie, do you think we'll have a boy or a girl?" she asked her fiancé softly, rubbing her just slightly protruding tummy as he drove down the highway. Things were good right now for the couple, and both were happy to be becoming parents. JJ shook the sad thoughts from his mind. No, he wasn't going to think about what could have been. This was a happy occasion, not a sad one. He wasn't going to think about the little boy he never had. His little Anthony Onyx. JJ remembered it like it was yesterday, even if thinking about it made him twitch a bit. He shuddered a little, thinking back. Why had his mind chose now to remind him of that awful night? It had been just about 3 weeks since JJ's birthday, and he was on his way to the car after a few small drinks at a bar. He was being followed though. A young Alexander Pierce met him at his car, smirking. You could tell that the other man was drunk because of the way he wobbled as he walked. "Hey baby, wanna take a ride in my pickup truck?" he drunkedly slurred, running his fingers down the slightly younger man's body. JJ pulled away from Alexander, trying to act as though he wasn't scared, but failing. You could see the fear in his eyes as the other man jimmied him out of his finely pressed khakis. He could feel peirce's dick poking him from behind teasingly, but had no way to stop it. His mother had taught him never to use his powers on impaired humans, so he just stood and took it, not even a soft wimper of protest. JJ didn't know he was even allowed to yell. He was letting himself get raped because he didn't know that self defence didn't count for his mother's rules on using his powers. After that night, things would never be the same.

JJ's mind wandered back to the night he found out. He had been feeling sick, so naturally his mother brought him to the doctor. He was shifted like a woman, and what the doctor told them had them shocked. He remembered clearly the doctor's words. "Miss Barnes, i'm delighted to tell you that you are pregnant!" he explained hyperly, grinning at the mother and supposed daughter as their mouths gaped. How was this even possibe? Krystal was positive that JJ had all the parts of a son and not a daughter. What they wouldn't know until later was the cause. Due to the fact that JJ had the power to shift into anything he pleased, his body was able to involuntarily make him pregnant. His body would change at the introduction of foreign semen into his body, impregnating him. Over the year since it had happened, he had been training the involuntary responce to stop, but he still had a long way to go. He was still just learning.

JJ had the right away, and took it, but another car driven by a drunk driver came screaming in, hitting their car from the side. They both were mostly unharmed aside a few bruises, until JJ started to see the blood running down Raven's pale legs. "No-No-No Not again" he muttered to himself, a shockwave of energy from the powerful flashback of his own accident and miscarriage running out through him. It had healed her without their knowlege, reversing the damage done by the accident, but neither knew. They thought the worst had happened as they both climbed from the wreckage of his red 1963 Chevy sports car.

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